Monday, May 31, 2010

Girls' Weekend

My girl and I hit the road for 3 nights away, 2 weekends ago already now. It was her birthday gift to spend a weekend with me. We had a great time together shopping, walking on the beach, eating out, shopping, and did I say shopping? We were definitely shopped out by the end and didn't buy a tonne of stuff, but were looking for a dress for the big day- grade 9 grad...

We took a morning walk everyday just down the hill from our B&B (motel Moyano- thank you guys!!!) The amenities were fabulous! Free internet, free rent, appliances, hot showers!!

Erin was quite set that we HAD to flatten a penny on the tracks. It was something she had never done, and so we had to do it. We waited awhile and finally decided to leave the pennies and come back later. We could only find one later on, but it was flat, and NO we didn't derail any trains, it's all urban legend.

The flowers were amazing and we saw an air craft carrier come into the harbor one morning too. Pretty cool! We came home with lots of cheap Costco cheese (you wouldn't believe the price difference) and yummy Trader Joe's treats.

What a great weekend away with an amazing girl.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm having trouble keeping up with my life right now... My girl and I went away for the weekend and it was so nice to get away. A much needed for us both, a time to breathe and relax and shop!! But hard to get back to it all with the calendar looking the way it is for the next few weeks. I keep needing to tell myself I can do each day one at a time. Too bad the need for sleep gets in the way so much! A very full calendar, and many tasks.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Boy Wonder

We had Jacob's birthday party, which seemed to turn from have a couple friends over, to a full on party, which is fine with me but I wasn't quite prepared the way I like to be. The boys came over after school, went on a scavenger hunt that took them over hill and dale, and they came back all sweaty and more stinky than some of them had started out as. So, we had ice cream sundae bar (Jacob's idea), and one boy proceeded to throw up. Too much running combined with too much sugar? Oh dear!! The first hot day here in awhile so maybe a little sun stroke? It was his "dad's weekend" to have him so he was quite happy to lay on my couch and stay here. After a lot of soccer, tree climbing, yelling down the street, a little volleyball, a lot of nerf gun wars and jumping on the trampoline, they settled down for supper, and a card game Jacob wanted to teach everyone. Only one nose bleed ensued at the dinner table. Most of the boys went home and 2 watched a movie and slept over. Puking boy was one of them, and in case you're wondering he's fine. Got to love 12 year old boys!

At least the cake turned out fantastic!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

VB Provinicials

45 teams of U-15 girls is a lot of girls in one building!
18 courts of non-stop action!
A hotel full of many teams! Girls and boys.
We're all sad it's over, what fun we had!
Great friendships made!!
Lovely, lovely girls!

Another highlight for a lot of the girls was meeting and talking with Rick Hansen, who happened to be at the tournament watching his daughter, or nephew play(didn't quite get the story). He used to play wheelchair volleyball.

A scattered birthday

Jacob appeased me and let me bring cupcakes to school for his class the day before his birthday. It was the last time it'll ever happen for me, well and him, but I was more concerned about me. Off to middle school next year!

We had some celebrations for Jacob while we were away.
Opening gifts in a hotel room, kind of strange....

Mandated pillow fights and birthday bumps...
We had cake at home the day after and Jacob had a friend for a sleep over.

The celebrations aren't quite over yet though...

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Baby turns 12!

We're celebrating Jacob today in Abbotsford. We drove out last night for Erin's volleyball tournament that is on this weekend, so Jacob gets his own queen sized bed in the hotel - good way to spend a birthday. He's not too crazy about all the volleyball he's going to have to watch ON HIS BIRTHDAY today, but we'll make it worth his while, and my dear friend's son loaned his Nintendo DS to help make it through :) Thanks Marcus!!! You're the best!

I'll post photos later!