Wednesday, November 24, 2010

painting the house... working night shifts.... photo updates soon.. maybe

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Totally Random

** These are fun
**When you have something you just LOVE doing, you just HAVE to do it. I saw this on my girl's face yesterday when she was on a horse for the first time in 6 months or so. She was glowing and nearly vibrating when she got back in the car. It's good to know your passions. Being able to watch someone use theirs is also a pure gift
**I guess there's a birthday party in the works...I like the airbrushing on the invitation and the purple-ish eyes
**how often do we tell people their value to us?
**I'm happy for a dog so eager to please someone that he'll wear a saddle, if only momentarily
**a girl wearing a saddle with her brother riding is an even funnier sight, where was my camera?!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Faves of my Faves

KD did a quick and painless (??) family photo shoot for our dear friends last weekend. These are my best pics for you to enjoy ~ especially if you know them :)
I love this one, there's always a few boys running in the background when you have 4 of them.

Brotherly love
I think Marcus may have cracked a smile once :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Real Beauty

Sometimes when I look at her, I can't stop. She is.. this beautiful gift of grace, a wonder of mystery waiting to be fully discovered, like a budding flower yet to open. This sprite of girl turning young woman. A creation mimicking His glory and then I see too the amazement God must feel and see in each of His creations, the depth of love He feels in His child. It appears like moments frozen in time; photographs and memories held in my mind.

I love the sharp wit and the sometimes thoughtful, delayed humour. The perfectly smooth lines of face. I see the playful 2 year old spraying the hose and pouring over books, the keen learning 5 year old with a mind that is a true gift, the tentative, crafting and fun loving 8 year old, and the struggling, yet somehow secure 13. Now turning, as if before my very eyes into graceful strength and courage.. and wisdom that appeared from somewhere. I heard a friend of a 2 week old say how fast her baby was growing up already, and thought to myself, " you have no idea yet". I dare not look ahead to what lies waiting, the joys and heartaches yet to face on her own journey. My heart feels too full to imagine she was entrusted to me, for me to show her beauty and how to live, how to follow the heart of Jesus. What a mess I must be making that anyone would follow me, but I am the chosen one for this task. And so we have grace for one another. And I realize my need for HIM. To let more of myself disappear and more of Himself to take over.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sewing up a Storm

Finally, I have pulled out my sewing machine and been creating, and loving it again, and having moments of frustration (that's what happens when you don't use a pattern!!) We've been shopping for a sling bag and haven't been able to find what we want, so this is where it all began. Found some fabric she LOVES... and she agreed to model the end product.

A quick flip inside out
And voila, a new purse on the other side. Lovin' the zebra print!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mercy House

I have recently stumbled across this organization and I love everything about it! It speaks to my heart. My heart for women and young girls, my heart for those in crisis pregnancy situations, my heart for Africa, my heart for walking along side people, not just attempting quick fixes, my love of craftiness, my heart for health. I LOVE that the woman leading this Home is African, has grown up in this very place, and seen JESUS radically change her life. Check out Mercy House and their vision page, or buy some cute Etsy Christmas gifts for a great cause.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

193. Working in place where people are sick all the time makes me so thankful for my health, my ability to do most anything I want to do, not like climb Mt. Everest, but you know, things I'm able to do.
194. My new kitchen "chandelier" has replaced the paint peeling 80's white ceiling fan. I know it's "stuff", but it's pretty.
195. Amazing black sky the other morning, storm clouds against the bright sun lighting the yellow leaves.
196. Desire, born deep within, even if it never goes anywhere, the desire brings life and dreaming
197. Family, wonderful family
198. A father-in-law turning 74, sounds much older than he is!
199. Lazy days, and staying up to late because I just can't put down the project
200. The overwhelming, bring tears to my eyes generosity of complete strangers to a should have been new Mom
201. Women, friends, willing to do anything to help
202. Flannels
203. My girl on the upswing (I hope) of yet another illness
204. A library visit with a friend
205. New glasses

206. Early morning drives with my boy to school
207. A deal on new and well liked winter coats, thanks Lord
208. Interesting, enjoyable read
209. Fall fabrics, deep browns, rich reds
210. Being on the other side of waiting
211. "Hey Mom, listen to this one", giggles and belly laughs from his perch on the heat vent

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Snoopy and the Red Baron

I got these actually for dogs goggles at a "friends only" garage/boutique sale! Scored some other great items too, but thought these would be a great for Ditto who loves dressing up :) I think we're going to have to track down the original Red Baron because the kids don't remember it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to Movember

Being the 1st of November, I wanted to share with you the glorious weekend sun we had, so I took a wander out to capture some fall colors. I wanted to give you some background music to enjoy, and the song that came to mind was this one, which was made famous by my brother-in-law and his strange friends with some lovely video editing. We'll imagine it's in honor of Movember. Yes ~ it's that creepy time of year when some men decide to grow mustaches, for a great cause, but I'm glad KD doesn't aspire to facial hair.

Yes it's scary, very scary, and one of them is a youth pastor. I'm sure they scared all the small children off the swings. I know, some of you will be speechless.

Saturday Morning Breakfast of Champions

Come back here with my CB!!
Haha, someone (or 2) trying to steal my treat while I'm taking a photo!
This recipe is a great use for some left over mashed potatoes!!