Friday, October 31, 2008

Hallowed Eve is not very "hallowed" in my mind

I actually hate Halloween, I don't understand what all the hype it about. I like the dressing up part, it's cute for little kids and can be fun, but trapsing around to get candy from strangers homes (aren't we teaching our kids to not walk up to absolute strangers) and ask for candy ("don't ever take candy from a stranger") and then the whole part about having to manage the piles of candy for weeks on end so that the kids' blood sugar levels aren't through the roof continually. It's just not my idea of a good time. I have found it has become a good time to walk and talk with other neighbors.

Anyways, onward we go... I am letting the kids out this year... they have created their own costumes, which they usually do and it makes them have to be so creative when they have to use what they can find. I was perusing some blogs yesterday and came across a really cute idea for treats, so went full speed ahead into my attempt to "get with the Halloween spirit" as I heard on the radio. Well the fact is, that's the part I have a problem with - the spirit of it. Which spirit is that exactly? Not the one I know and love. Anyways, I'll stay away from my rant in favor of my kids going out and having a fun evening with friends.

Here's the cute treats, they actually look better in real life than in this photo. They're cake balls made to look like little pumpkins, the kids went wacky when I brought them into Jacob's class:

The pumpkins are carved, GREAT job E & J!

What else would this girl carve than the only thing worth carving in her opinion? :)

Jacob is imitating the expression on his pumpkin's face if you were wondering.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Leaves and Trees

A few of Kevin's rejects, not good enough for his blog... I think they are
Except I took the last one, can you tell?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gellatly Nut Farm

We spent the afternoon out at a nut farm, something we've never done, picking walnuts and chestnuts. The gorgeous fall colors were so amazing! Now to try chestnuts roasting.... not on an open fire.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Week in the Garden - Amazing Miracles

I am amazed that a rose has just opened up it's bloom this week....

This is a bucket of tubers... canna lilies.. dug up for the winter. I don't know a lot about tubers, except that you need to dig them up

Fall is a good time for moving a few plants around... a neighbor's cousin was happy to be put to work watering, and I believe every child needs a garden :)


We got free tickets to a hockey game last night! How exciting is that? So of course as "fate" would have it we were seated right in front of the rowdy, beer drinking, foul mouthed, 20 year old male section (also apparently where scouts from Tampa Bay Lighting sit). I never know what to do in these type of situations.... We tried our best to ignore them, even though everything in me wanted to turn around and slap them and duct tape their mouths shut. I know they are just trying to have a good boys night out, but please not at my expense. So I tried in my heart to feel love and patience, compassion and goodness.... wasn't particularly working. The guy right behind me leans over and says to let me know if they get too out of hand and they'll settle down a bit. My wonderful husband with full confidence in me says, "Oh don't worry she will". Some time goes by, and the rowdiness and excessive cheering continues. In one of their more rowdy moments they spilled beer down my Jacob's back and even in his face. The problem was I didn't know what had happened, just saw a VERY upset boy and had to figure it out because he wasn't too keen on telling me why he was crying. Kevin got a little damp in the process as well the man in front of him. The "boys" did realize what they had done and apologized, but when my boy gets upset, the whole evening is usually a bust. After the 2nd period, they decided the game was boring and left. I figured that was the most respectful thing they did all evening.

So what would you have done?
a. Smile and tell them that you hope they have a lovely evening and that you'll be praying for their eternal souls
b. Turned around and yelled and told them to shut up and move or you're going to call security, keeping in mind his biceps are larger than your thighs
c. Demanded payment for dry cleaning
d. Left the game or found some other dry, empty seats
e. If you can't beat them, buy another beer and join in
f. other..... please explain....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stolen without permission

Honestly I stole this right off my friend's blog without even asking her, but give her FULL credit for this beautiful prayer. Thanks Sandi! I just wanted everyone to read it because it's so amazing and written with such grace and in such sweetness of spirit that I just couldn't stop myself from such overt plagarism. I know she won't mind because her heart is so pure and wanting of worship and this brings so much of that:

"You know our children well. In all of their obstinancy and brilliance You created them. Before we considered them as possibilities You knew their names, their purpose, their crisis.

The maternal in me would plead for their forever-safety. The Christ in me reminds me that we learn well from adversity. So, as a mum I cry out for the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual safety and nurturing of our sons and daughters. As a God lover, I ask that You will use every circumstance (tender, benign, threatening) to shape them into women and men who will love You devotedly, sweetly, fully; men and women who will love their fellows well.

Do keep evil far from them ~~ May they know what it is to do justly, to love mercy, to walk humbly with their God. May that God be the Creator of All, the Savior of the world.

They will face more darkness and more distraction in their lives than ever we have. Holy Spirit, be their teacher, counselor, conviction. May they walk a road that is narrow and straight -- while living a Love that is wildly inclusive and free in Spirit.

Keep them. Keep them. Keep them. Keep them safe. Keep them innocent. Lead them to embrace wisdom, to utterly reject folly: narrowness of mind, cruelness of spirit, ignorance, arrogance.

The words of this prayer are without end, my God. Hear the flood water longing in the hearts and minds of my mothering friends. Be All to our children."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He Cares about the Details

More musings...

I think a lot of people, even if they don't want to admit it, believe there is a God who created the world. But they don't always think much beyond that belief. The problem comes close to home when you ask the question of whether that big God out there actually wants to interact with us, actually cares about the concerns of our lives, intervenes in the daily affairs of man, and wants to interact with ME. That's where the leap of faith comes in, believing that He cares about the day to day details of our lives. For some it may be easier to keep Him at a distance, but for me, it's easier to say YES He does. He cares about my details. He wants to be involved in every thing, every moment, every act, every thought. It's not that I always FEEL that He's there, but my faith suggests to my mind, which controls a lot of my feelings, that He is.

Proof that He cares about details... why else would these things even exist if He didn't just make them for fun?! If he didn't care about bringing beauty to us just because....

(not my garden unfortunately, but enjoyed fully nonetheless!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Sometimes things in the world amaze me and at other times they completely baffle me. I mean it's amazing that when I want to find the perfect whatever it is, that there is so much choice and selection out there. At other times, this just drives me crazy! Why do we need to choose from 100's of different models of digital cameras, or varieties of apples, or paint chip colors. One day it really matters to me, and other days, I just could really care less. There just is more to it than how to make the perfect chocolate cake or plan the perfect birthday party. There are people starving in the world! I know my children have heard it a million times. I think they are getting a guilt complex.

I ask myself these questions... How do I find a balance between enjoying what we've been given and caring about the details of life, and making it too much a priority? How can I constantly keep my focus on the right thing? Don't get me wrong I LOVE DETAILS! I am a details person!! I love planning things and get enjoyment out of all those things. I love making lists and accomplishing them. I love organizing and finding the perfect gift for someone, or putting little notes in my kids' lunches (which I haven't done for awhile). But I guess I have to look at the motivation of my heart in all this. Is it pride that I want it all to be perfect? Or is it an enjoyment of the gifts I have been given and the people I want to please and honor? Am I working to please myself or am I working to please and honor my King- the owner and maker of my heart and everything I am, everything I possess, and everything I want to become? I want to make the small corner of the world I touch a better place because I have been there. That is a huge task! I am thankful that He has made me worthy of such a calling and equips me to do it! In this world where everything is rushed and drive-thru, I am happy to spend extra time caring in small ways and hope that somehow it will make a difference. My hope is that the motivation is enough to show the love underneath it all.

Even still I need to accessorize and paint the office.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Monday

Why do the weekends fly by so quickly?
What did I do today?
-get up at 6:45 and take Tara to the airport after a fun weekend together
-make breakfast for the kids
-make lunches for the kids
-drive Jacob to school, literally run into his teacher running out of the school home sick for the day, I hope it's not appendicitis
-walk Erin down the street to pick up her car pool, continue around the block with Ditto
-make an important phone call I've been avoiding for a week or so
-check my e-mail about 10 times
-phone my mother
-phone my dear friend Kari to wish her a Happy Birthday yesterday-- get some very exciting news and talk for over an hour, very difficult with a 1 and a 2 year old on her end close to nap time
- walk the big loop (4km) with my hubby (he didn't feel like working either)
-check my e-mail again
-cut out some fabric for a project I'm working on
-clean the kitchen up
-throw in some laundry
-make my supper to take to work
-get supper sort of ready for the rest who are at home
-rush out the door because now I'm late for work....

How was your day? mine was pretty regular.... it always feels that way after you've had a fun weekend with a good friend... here she is trying to organize my crazy crew for a family photo shoot... we had one not so cooperative participant

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tara's Coming!

We're all getting excited about having company! I love company! The first 2 years we lived in the sunny Okanagan we had a little bit too much company, but it has dwindled down to not enough!! The beds get made and the floors get washed, so it really is an exciting time at our house! I like the fact that it forces some cleaning that doesn't always get done, although I hope the expectations are fairly low for this company :) because we have a little bit of this going on....

which is causing some of this in other rooms of the house....

I've had a little conversation with Ditto about chewing on leather shoes, and he has agreed to wear protective gear this weekend to help deter him from the overwhelming urges...

sometimes he just can't stop himself from the need to chew though.... I understand, it's why my pants from last year don't fit really well...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've been tagged by Randi

This is how the tag works:
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Go to the SIXTH folder
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This is me and Kevin and our dear friends Marcia and Murray. We are on the beach in Baja Mexico. This photo was taken in 2004 when we went together with our families on a mission trip to build a house in Vicente Guerrero for a single mom and her 3 kids who were living in nothing. Great time!! Love you guys!

Now I tag Erin, Sandi, Brie and Kevin.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I am so Thankful for YOU!

This is being sent to you via cyber space. I would like to have sent all of my dedicated readers a pan-ful of yummy-ness, but you'll just have to IMAGINE receiving it on your front porch.

With my love....


On my new Thanksgiving runner I sewed up last night.

I am Thankful

"Give thanks to the LORD for He is good, His love endures forever."

Friday, October 10, 2008

What Can Call Out Autumn More than Fresh Apple Pies?

My girl and her friend came home from school one day this week and decided it was time to peel apples and make pastry. So 2 boxes of fresh apples later, we have a freezer full of pies. The girls are getting so great in the kitchen that help is always appreciated, although the help seems to disappear come clean up time. Home Ec. class is teaching them a lot and they do get marked on how well they clean up at school, so I know they are good at it. Between the 2 of them and my boy, they peeled all the apples.

The best part is sneaking those handfuls of peeled and sliced, sugared and cinnamoned appley goodness. Right Jacob?

A few minis to use up the last of the dough.... Yummmm.. We each got our own pie for dessert.

Someone else was hanging around getting in the way and scooping up morsels of goodness...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Complete and Utter Silliness

Remember this post.
i dance: with the kids sometimes with the music really loud so you can hear it from the street

Well it happened again..
. we just can't help it. It just seems to happen.
Mostly I just laugh because my girl is so cute and funny! I've been forbidden to post video.