Monday, September 27, 2010


KD and I had a fabulous long weekend away to Salt Spring Island. It was about the worst timing that could have possibly happened, for us, for the kids, and for the grandparents to babysit, but we'd planned it months and months ago, not knowing it would come down to the same day he would start working. We felt it would be good to get away, so shortened it a bit and took off and relaxed with good friends....

It was a wildlife extravaganza... seals, otters, porpoises, raccoons, jellyfish, deer, and a wild husband :) We did lots of hiking, walking, beach combing, lazing around, and eating good food! I know this'll be way too many photos, but I couldn't narrow it down, it was so lovely there.

the view from Mt. Maxwell looking West
on Mt. Maxwell

"lighthouse" at Nose Point

near the Fulford Harbor ferry dock where we had the BEST lunch!

We happened upon OPEN marina day where all the boats docked were open to go inside and tour. We're going to go halves on one going for $800,000 with all maple paneling, and railings, sleeps 12, all bedrooms with their own little sinks, and an open top just needs a hot tub- absolutely amazing!

in our quaint cottage

the view from the living room

out the side door

Oh my yumminess! A crab feast bought from the docks and cooked ourselves with a LOT of garlic butter!!

This fantastic old, falling down barn we happened upon, looked like a dairy barn with the names of the cows on their stalls- Ernie, Sunday and Bradley. I'm sure a few from this spot will show up on KD's blog.

Such a fun morning of kayaking with a little seal friend who was fishing and playing with us

Sunset on the ferry ride home

Thursday, September 23, 2010


KD works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I say finally? Or would that be anti-climatic? 18 months to the day. Is there some significance in that number? Someone tell me?
The extreme frustration and complete bafflement of situation shall soon pass...
LORD we are thankful... you have seen us through... made us weak, so make us strong.
YOU have protected... provided... patienced my worry... kept your promises.
May YOU be new every morning, your unfailing love.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Still Heart Starbucks

I even went there today to smell the coffee.... but the photo is off in the mail! It's huge! I've never printed a photo that big! We might have to take a trip down to Portland sometime to see it hanging on the wall.

Canelle et Vanille

I stumbled on this blog and I just love it. She's a "food stylist" who grew up in Spain and lives in Florida or somewhere. The photos are amazing and just the sounds of the recipes make my mouth water. Like Bella Cerise Apricot and frozen Raspberry Mousse, or Butterscotch Smoked Almond ice cream or Peach Basil Lemon Thyme Sorbet or Wild Mulberry Pistachio Clafouti, oh my or Pixie Tangerine and Fennel Pots de Creme. It makes me want to spend all day in the kitchen, or have someone else make them all for me just for a taste! Enjoy a quick browse over there!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

KD 41

We celebrated a good man yesterday. Happy Birthday Kevin.

We had chocolate chip waffles with mangoes and peaches, whip cream and apricot syrup, we watched 31 people get baptized in the morning, and then it rained. We enjoyed a great dinner out with family and then the party turned a little weird as it tends to when certain people get together and make their own entertainment. Good times... good times....


If I'm not thankful, my heart will grow bitter. If I don't continually look up, I might sink too low, I'll never find my way again. If God isn't real and isn't in it, then what point is there to any of it?

The other day I went to the store and hoped against hope I wouldn't see anyone I knew. I haven't showered in at least day or 3, my hair is pulled back, no make-up, in my sweats with pink pointy shoes on (they were just by the door), not enough sleep in a few days, too much worry on my head, but I needed icing sugar. We live in a neighborhood where you can definitely get away with looking that way in the Cooper's grocery store. Even many of the cashiers look a little rough around the edges, but I still didn't want to look like one of "those" people.

"THOSE" people!! I stopped myself. Who was I to compare myself with the many that I see on our streets, dressed a little down, looking like they haven't showered in days, waiting for a bus with a baby stroller loaded down with grocery bags? The vacant stare of a man sitting beside the road begging for money for something he craves, the thumb of the familiar cowboy wanting a lift up the hill. How am I any better than they are? Why in my mind do I not want to be compared to "them"? More connected.. maybe, more self sufficient.. maybe, more aware of my world.. maybe, but why? More blessed, definitely. Given life into a family of love and hope, yes. Having hope in something larger than myself, only because of grace!

What is their story? Have they been given the richness of life and blessings that I have? They are no less loved by the one who made them. They realize the depravity of their situations with more ease than those distracted by the wealth of the world, so self sufficient that they don't need God to make their world any better. "Those people" whose hearts may have borne more pain than I can probably imagine. Have their lives and choices, or the choices their parents made for them, been a burden to heavy to carry? Their God holds them in His hand just the same, waiting for them to look up and see Him. His love for them is as great as for my own children. He aches over their pain the same. And how can I give them a taste of it when I only view them that way? I have the hope to give away.

The more blessings and gifts given, the more responsibility to use them.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family Shoot

We snuck in a quick photo shoot between strange Calgary weather systems with our amazing and talented Tara Whittaker. I say "our" because really she belongs to us, she's like family :) There was some serious bribery going on for cooperation, but the location was so fun and interesting that we hardly needed it.

This one is totally my favorite! We haven't a good photo of the 2 of us for ages!
KD loves this one, but I think my neck looks kind of weird, we're so critical of ourselves hey!
This one totally cracks me up! Erin hoisting up her pants and the look on Kevin's face.
And I love the thumb wars shots, it's so them!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So my boy came home with many stories to tell of his first full day at middle school. Well actually he said they listened to a lot of rules, but he liked his English/Social teacher because he wears striped, collared, button-ups like his teacher last year who he loved! And they didn't get their lockers because they ran out of time and he had to carry his bag all day. And he's missing his best friend who moved to the island last week, but still has the other 2 of their 4-some in all his classes, but it's not quite the same. Day A will be a little difficult- English, Social, Health/careers, and Foods (will be fun except she talks really loud, but Erin assured him it's only because when everyone has stuff boiling, she wants you to hear). He says Day B will be much better, Math, Science, PE and Media arts!

I did a little emotional baking and canning all day, if you read my previous post, you'll understand these motherly things that just take over and confuse your entire mind and spirit. So we celebrated the day with the best chocolate cake ever, I'm always looking for opportunity to make this because it's amazing! Wouldn't it be great if you could taste over the internet? There are so many great cooking blogs out there, and I want to just sample the stuff before I go out and buy all the ingredients. Here's sending you a little taste of chocolate delight!


Today I feel mopey, and I probably shouldn't even write a post, but it's days like this that life is real and boring and frustrating. I get tired of the appearance many put on that life is always fantastic....

It seems today is another unanswered prayer... unanswered in the way I want it answered. There is no first day of school photo this year because it's just not right with only one smiling and one laying in bed. But that is the reality. It was supposed to be this exciting first day of high school. A big transition, a new adventure, new friends and the turning of a corner in life, one I'm not nearly ready for, but trying to embrace none the less. It is what seems like another trial and waiting, another disappointment in a string of them. I've prayed a few specific things for my girl in the past 3 years, and just wonder when they will ever come for her. This just seems to be a slap in the face at a bigger issue. So I need to trust that I can't see what lies ahead, the full picture, but getting myself there sometimes takes work, striving... more like submitting.

So I wonder in my mind if I imagine the ways I want things to be, and my expectations become posed in a certain direction, and when something so drastically different happens, it's hard to re-orient. As summer 2010 closes its doors, it feels frightfully the same... not at all what I had imagined it to be.

I want the days back of simple things like blowing bubbles in the back yard, and 3 years old making cookies with me at the counter. Of riding bikes and crafts, not these hard challenges like helping them discover who they are through the pain and agony of some of the discoveries and circumstances, letting them go, and letting them make their own decisions and crying with them through their disappointments. But the joys are full, the discovery of gifts, the wit and humor of teenagers, and the watching of their own journeys unfold.

I thought I was all good yesterday seeing my boy walk off to his first day at middle school, and meet his group of friends waiting outside. I was all good til another Mom friend walked up all teary eyed. That's when I lost it. Losing it once in awhile is a good thing.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


So Erin has a case of Mesenteric lymphadenitis . She was sent home from hospital yesterday afternoon after the surgeon decided it was not appendicitis! We're so happy she doesn't need surgery 3 days before school starts! It's a viral thing, so just needs to rest up and deal with the continuing fevers and sweats.

We are so thankful for good hospital care, nice nurses, smart doctors, love and care from friends and family, and positive outcomes! Erin is NOT thankful for lab techs and needles, even though they did help diagnose the problem. Makes me think of the Moms and Dads who have to deal with much worse diagnoses for their children, like the overwhelmed Mom I met who's 16 year old just found out she has type 1 Diabetes, how life changing! You realize again that you would do anything for your children. It's agony for parents hearing the babies crying through the night on the ward and the Mom crying outside the "treatment room" where her poor little baby is getting an IV inserted or something worse. A place of joy and hope, and dread. After this experience, I can't wait til Kelowna gets their MUCH needed new ER, which should be opening next spring.

The sweetest thing, was when we were going to sleep at the hospital, me on the pull out plastic hide-a-bed, Erin says, "Mommy is that bed very comfortable, because we could switch if you want".

I rest in knowing that Jesus loves them more than I do.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pray for my Girl

... in the hospital waiting to see if it's appendicitis.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Family Love

Erin hiding her braces :)

My silly inlaws

Love watching cousins having fun
This one makes me laugh!

My Mom is crazy!

Del ready for the fishing trip