Saturday, June 29, 2013


It seems officially what is called grad is the ceremony, cap and gown event, and prom is the dress up, lovely dresses and suits gala event.

Well... prom was 2 nights ago. I love the Kelowna tradition, and I don't know if they do it anywhere else, but they have a promenade walk along the waterfront park.  All the high schools here do it, and it's the highlight of the night. It sort of feels like the red carpet, without the carpet. All the grads walk the boardwalk along the lake shore which is lined with parents and well wishers, and it's an opportunity to see everyone in their gown and get photos!  It's the big event and the board walk leads right into the Grand Okanagan hotel on the waterfront, so they walk right into the ballroom.

We posted a whack of prom photos on facebook, but it won't stop me from putting my favorites on here, or maybe the ones that aren't so public, some wacky candids that perhaps not everyone wants to see.

Erin had her hair done, and got all beautiful, which didn't take much in my humble opinion, her date picked her up, and then the group of friends all rented a limo and went around town getting photos of the group.  Kevin was the unofficial photographer, and did an awesome job.  I think maybe he's even good enough to help shoot a wedding  that I hear is in town :) summer....

There were lots of sweet moments the last weeks with all the celebrations. 
I'm pretty much a sap for father/daughter moments :) here's one from at the ceremony
 of one of Erin's best friends:

And another friend with her Mommy!

OK, my two did give me one good father/daughter moment, the first dance, which involved a lot of practicing at home ahead of time (which I have on video), and then they didn't even last half the song :)  How cute are they?  But that's the end of the day, we really need to start at the beginning.....

 Here's Uncle Cam smiling when he sees Erin's grad gift.
 She's still figuring out what it is, by the time he asks if he can borrow it.  It's not a car!
Maybe they can share it next year when they are physics lab partners at UBCO!
For real - they will be in the same class!

Her bro needed a little help in getting presentable.

This is my favorite one of the day!  So sweet my 2!!






Then her date arrived, so all shenanigans stopped (just kidding).  He was such a perfect gentleman, we had to snap a photo of them leaving :) when he opened the car door.  I think it's funny what's going on in the back ground.  Erin's best friend lives across the street and they are leaving at the same time (planned- yes).  Seconds later, he was trying to stuff her dress into his truck while our other neighbor almost runs into Coleton and Erin backing out and waves his fist at them (jokingly of course).  Priceless!! 

The group went up the hill to get some photos, and apparently someone (Kristen) had the idea that the guys should pick up the girls.  Apparently Erin thought she needed to practice her vertical at this moment.  Good think he's volleyball player, so maybe he was impressed.




You may think they are looking off towards their bright futures... No, they are looking to see if the Sikh temple is in the frame.  I prefer to think the first.

GUYS AND PURSES ---- so funny!


It didn't rain, due the fact that I went to Walmart in the morning to get an umbrella after looking at the looming clouds.

You may ask what essentials a girl carries in her purse on such a day....
 well apparently, it is Jelly Bellies, lipstick and a phone.



 She said it was a perfect day.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Goings On...what we've been up to

It has been such a treat to be home and not working except 1 day so far this June, well and a meeting or 2. You certainly wouldn't be able to tell by the state of my house and the meals on the table.  We've had loads of events and year end stuff. 

At the end of May, we had a whirl wind trip to Edmonton where our girls came 9th at Nationals!  A huge accomplishment for small town Kelowna.  Two Ontario teams from Toronto area were 1st and 2nd, then 2 Vancouver area teams were 3rd and 4th.  We rounded out making for 3 BC teams in the top 10!!  All 11 girls have been signed to play post-secondary (CCAA and and 4 playing CIS), except one who is moving to France (poor girl) and another who has opted to stay home for year instead of moving away to play.  Great job for an awesome group of young women!

Jacob was volleyball MVP of the year for grade 9.  YAY!

 Athletic banquet night... Erin was high school MVP for volleyball :) 

A good old fashioned game of shirts vs. skins ensued last Saturday where Rutland vs. Rutland in soccer.  When do boys do that anymore?  It was so great to watch.  These boys all know each other so well since they've all played together for years and go to school together.  Since one team has been dominating the season (not ours), they opted to mix up the teams and play a good sportsmanlike game, where the referees joined in the fun!  It was also so nice to not watch a game of 14-0!! 

Jacob had a grade 9 year end party at the beach.  Instead of a dress up evening function, they opted on a casual day, which for the boys, was definitely way better than having to wear a tie to some dinner, and sit and listen to some talking, while the girls all hope some cute guy notices them in the dress the spent 29 hours shopping for.  I got to be the Mom for the day and buy all the groceries... instead of the torture of taking a teenage boy shopping for a tie!  So happy!

A hoodie at the beach?  Come on sunshine!   Calgary needs you especially!

 And last day of school DQ treats with the usual crowd :)  Yippee!!

  Somewhere in all that mess, Erin turned 18!!  Nope, I know what you're wondering, the legal drinking age is 19 here,  and she could care less.... So HAPPY!  
God sent her an awesome rainstorm, her favorite thing!  And June isn't over yet!  Prom is yet to come!!  Can't wait!!

Happy Anniversary to Us

We made it 19 years, which is apparently a feat these days!  For me it's seemed easy,  but how can it not when you're married to such a great and easy going guy?  Talented, smart, funny and hard working, always ready to say "yes" to whatever I suggest.  He's so awesome and amazing and I am truly blessed that he was brought into my life when he was, and stuck around.

Also, apparently I put Kevin to sleep by now with my shenanigans, or he's gotten used to the stupidity.

We were also NOT interrupted by a lovely post-dinner text wishing us a Happy Anniversary.  We were just getting out of the car to go on a walk by the lake.  It had stopped raining long enough so we took advantage of a nice quiet evening with no beach traffic whatsoever!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Journeys- Grad Part 1

It seems so much like the journey is ending, that my job is done, that you are going off to find a new journey and adventure, and that yours is just beginning.   But in a way it's the end of this one for me.  It's hard to not look at it as all over, the end of the best job I ever had.  But that's the mystery of youth, that your life is just starting, ready to take you wherever your heart wants it to go.  It all started for me with you, when I wasn't much older (but still MUCH OLDER, 5 more years yet).  But I was just a girl, still finding out about life, love, and myself, not so much finding who I was, like so many describe those years as, but defining who I wanted to be, what would shape my life. The parts of my self God made me to be, that were yet to be uncovered, and still some that are.  Then you tore in with the sweetest little girl moments that ever could be, mixed in with the nights of screaming and colic, and I wondered how I would ever survive.  But this day is here.... so fast.  The memories pile on top of each other in a rushing wave and then sometimes I can't remember any of the funny things you said when you were 4.  But the story doesn't end, there is always another journey around the corner for everyone!

I could not be more proud of the accomplishments you've achieved and the ways you've succeeded at some of the things this life brings to us, used your gifts well and done your best with what you're been given; and yet if none of those worldly achievements were, I would be as proud of you still, who you are, the way you've come through trials, and anxieties, made choices that turned your direction, tried your best, and seen failures that have made you have more grace.

Knowing that LOVE is still the most of all the things we want for our children, so often I fail at being the best example of that.  I know that you care much less about being an MVP, than having and loving friends, being the best big sister, and seeking truth in your black and white mind.  Oh ya and Pinteresting some cool ideas.  I just think how proud your Grandpa would have been of you.... who sat in his wheelchair, totally relying on someone else to do everything for him,  he would have the biggest smile on his face.  You and him would have been good friends, you and him are so much alike.  He, who could physically DO nothing, yet impacted so many people with his love and patience and character.  That's what I pray for you, above all else that this day means, beyond the blessings of the brains and athletic ability you've been given.

So the big question is, can I trust?  Let you go, trust that you're ready for all the big decisions, trust the world out there to take care of you?  Trust that the one who made you, who decided to give you to us, cares even more than I ever could? And that being a Mom has been the most joy, worry, growing and learning, giving up of one's self experience that you can ever have.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I heard a young woman, late 20's this week say she wasn't sure if she ever wanted kids, or was ready to stop being selfish.  That's a big part of growing up, but you will get back more than you ever give!!  Learn more than you could imagine, and see your heart grow bigger, get crushed, feel more for someone else than you ever thought possible, every Mom knows.

I know I'm being melodramatic, that she's not moving across the country to go to university like many of her friends are.. that we still have time.. and I can still bake cookies after school, without being a psycho clingy Mom.  And I am sharing the sadness of those Moms, watching their babies go on their own Journeys.  Knowing that there is much more that I still get to watch up close!  And I can't wait!!  Go get 'em girl!

 A model she will never be.  Typical Erin pose.  What do I do with my hands?

 Someone is closing in height wise pretty fast!

 E and her "date"

No one told me until it was time to go that I was supposed to steam the gown!! At least she traded in her 6'5" gown for a 6'3", still a little large.
There were lots of other boys going to school with it scrunched in a bag.