Friday, January 30, 2009

YAY it's the weekend!

I finished my 4 shift in row and just got called for an interview for that new job I applied for in the stupor of my post night shift nap. Help me get some great ideas for girls' night with my girl tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Me

I am such a nurse! There's something so simple and dorky and fun about this video that my mother-in-law sent to my daughter. I love it!

Photo for the Day

I love this photo! This guy actually walked around the town selling ice cream from his cart!! In the hot humid heat. I wonder how he kept it cold. Goes to prove everyone loves a little treat now and then - I guess the key to that is now and then, not whenever they feel like it - note to self :) Have I told you that I ADORE brown children?!! How lucky am I that 2 of my nephews are brown! When I was in Africa I wanted to adopt them all!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


You'll be able to tell instantly that I did not take these photos. I appreciate and can usually pick out a good photo, but don't usually take them. He's so kind that he'll share though and let me totally use them, they might never get posted on his blog because of whatever reason, but they need to be fully enjoyed by more than me and the hard drive.

You bet there's a story here, but I might have to tell it another day

Totally Romantico

OK so we totally splurged (that's why I'm working this week-heehee) on a boating excursion when we were in Mexico. We went out on "Rhythms of the Night". It took us (and 100 other people) across the bay on an hour and half boat ride along the marina, harbor, waterfront of the whole city and then across the bay to this secluded beach only accessible by boat. They had drinks and appetizers on the way, and the crew was really entertaining and informative but not overbearing, lots of good laughter. And they played a really great mix of music - Tara would have approved. There was also some lovely moments of peace and quiet. Here we are on the boat:

Then we arrived at the beach and they had native drums beating and the only light was candlelight and torches all along the pier and the shore line. They took us up the hill all lit by candles (so you really don't see everyone else), to this amazing stage where we watched an "Aztec wedding". It was so professional and amazing, the music was phenomenal, then they took us down to these individual tables for 2 all nestled among the rocks and shoreline and candelit and served us this amazing dinner! That was totally a run on sentence, but tell me you didn't notice. We were right at the end of the shoreline, so really felt like we were alone and secluded. Then we went back across the bay on the boat for about a 40 minute ride straight across with romantic music playing and they turned off all the lights and let people dance on top of the boat's upstairs deck. Even the bathrooms were pretty, with little glass lanterns and candlelight- no electricity. I love glass lanterns! Be careful where you sit so you don't catch yourself on fire!

It was totally cool! None of my pictures turned out, it's kind of hard to capture candelight if you're a photographer like me :) But here's one that the couple near us took, and we returned the favor. Just being neighborly :) Look at my tan, it's almost gone! I love this man!

Another "romantico" moment- being the only ones on this beach- we didn't have our swimsuits along because we'd taken a bus up here and didn't know we'd find THIS!! Oh well.... this is a family blog.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More photos

Only saw one Starbucks, not on every street corner like around here. Fresa Frapp. We had to do it even though margaritas were only $1, and this was $5.

On the beach at night. We watched the sunset pretty much every night from here, nice and quiet too since everyone else is in the bar.

Someone (obviously) took as photo of us at dinner- we weren't quite ready and looked slightly dazed, but couldn't ask for another one :) At least it was in focus.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Here's a few initial pics for you.

By the pool

Horseback riding on the beach anyone? - we didn't do it

Our hotel - imagine those colors at home!!!

Still pasty white the first day
Dinner on the balcony overlooking the ocean :)

Downtown Puerto Vallarta, which we were about a 40 minute very interesting bus ride on public transport from, they have a boardwalk with all these statues. Had to take this one for Erin.

At the hotel grounds! Amazing!

A dolphin in a tank that smiled right at us :)

Jesus Made me An Omelette

It's totally true he did!! It was Thursday morning at the"eggs any style" grill. Jesus makes some good eggs. I will really be missing being served a great meal 21 times in the last week that I didn't have to cook!

I have so much to tell, but the week was wonderful! I highly recommend a week away with your husband when you've been married 15 years! It felt like this whole other world, so peaceful and full of new adventures and relaxation, and hoping that my tan won't fade by tomorrow. I'll be posting photos soon to give you a glimpse into our 2nd honeymoon. We even were called "honeymooners", but I think mostly it was by vendors trying to butter us up for some high pressure sales.

And-- it's so good to be home and loved and welcomed by excited kids and Gramma at 6am at the airport! They are committed! I can definitely do without the cold though :) That is very traumatic!

And thankful to God that everything went as perfectly as it could have! We made it after all the events leading up to the day, and everyone stayed safe at home.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I'm trying to be very patient and God fearing and holy and have a positive attitude, but since Randi did a little venting tonight I think I have given myself permission to do the same. But I only have one thing to complain about....

Why is it that every time we try to go somewhere or do something fun just the 2 of us, our plans seem to be thwarted? Kevin said to me today, that we should wonder how many "signs" it takes before we realize we should just stop trying to do something. 1. Mom's husband had emergency surgery, thankfully he's OK and she can still come out the be with the kids 2. Kevin has some sort of intestinal blockage that we've been trying to deal with for days. Without all the gory details, I dragged him to the walk-in today and he's on citro-mag which we're not sure if it's being effective yet or not 3. the airport canceled almost all flights today into town because of heavy fog, I guess the ray of hope is that my mom's plane was one of the only ones that was able to land in a "clearer" window of time 4. my friend called and said she heard there were no flights til Monday 5. while at the airport today, we heard many reports about cancellations and weather advisories all weekend 6. the back of Erin was on the nightly news walking through the airport as the they told about all the delays and cancelled flights!! Argghhh!! So we shall wait whilst my husband sits on the toilet all night to see what happens. We leave later in the day, so maybe that's good. I'm still trying to be positive but part of me is settling in for a cold weekend at a downtown hotel in lieu of tropical bliss.....

So that's my rant for tonight, pray for sun and clear bowels :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting Ready to Leave

I don't think we have ever left the kids for this long, and I'm feeling a little sentimental, overbearing, worried and motherly. So in that feeling, I had a little thought about leaving a little something each day for the kids. I maybe got a little carried away, but they are going to be so excited when they get home today and see the line up. They'll have something to open every morning with a message and a surprise. I can't divulge any though because I have some readers that will find out too soon. The daily calendar and lists are all filled out for my dear mother, they're going to have a great time! And I think so are we!! I will not be forgetting my camera, it's #1 on the list right after passport and swim suit (contact lenses are gone from the list :)


I finally snagged a photo of my girl in her full length PJs that I made her for Christmas. She doesn't remember saying she wanted a pair of full body jammies with feet in them, but I remember. And you know, you can't really buy them in teenager sizes, only for toddlers. So I improvised and made my own pair with fleece lined feet even. Can't even find a pattern for such a thing, so they are super improvised. Jacob had to try them on a dozen times during the making as a comparison model. She has been completely uncooperative in posing for a picture in them! That's one long zipper!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Little Crafty Fun

We had a little crafty fun this evening. Here are the results. There will be a few "chicken fights" going on with these guys. My only advice to them was don't get the strings tangled up, we'll see how long it takes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not Something You See Everyday

One of the benefits of living on the edge of town in an orchard/agricultural area is that the neighborhood farmer comes by with his tractor to shovel his driveway and our street after a huge downfall of snow - 4 inches in 2 hours. No waiting for the city street plows.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Whining

We survived Monday, but Monday evening and Tuesday morning were much worse! Those are the days that snuck up on me and bit me in the butt unexpectedly, and at this point my butt is hard to miss. I thought it would be all smooth sailing after Monday, but sometimes life is just a little more challenging than at other times. And the sky is dumping more snow on everything! I guess it sort of covers up the mess and makes it all white and pretty, that's what I'd like to do with some of my days. But it usually leaves a big melting mess later on :) Thanks for listening

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Morning

We've survived half of Monday. Well we'll see how the kids do once they get home from school. Brownies are a bakin' in hopes that it'll help the adjustment. I did all my errands this morning and it took 3 hours! They were sort of piling up! I like to turn the page on a new calendar month, and shockingly hadn't even hung up 2009 until last night. Ahh.. the blank page of January. So I started filling in all the important dates and things going on so I don't forget anything. When I looked up my soccer schedule and team standings to add the times to my calendar, I was shockingly surprised to see my name in the standings. Check this out! I was sort of proud of myself, not in a bad sort of proud way but more in a shocked disbelief! I know it won't last long on that list, so thought I'd share my moment of glory with you :) Flower Power (our sponsor is a greenhouse- how awesome is that?!)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Night Before

Arggh.. back to school tomorrow.... And the routine. No one wants to do it. Wouldn't it be great if we could just always do what we want, sleep in, eat bad meals all the time, and just be lazy?! I suppose it might get old too, but just for tonight we'd like to stay the way we've been, in our jammies!
We did have a rip snorting good time the other night doing one of our last holiday fun things- night time sledding! Staying up then super late drinking hot chocolate!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I haven't posted since 2008, so I thought I better get on it. I really have nothing to say though. My mind is a blank canvas, maybe someone can paint something on it. I had a girls' night last night and we watched the Traveling Pants #1 movie. It was so fun, very cute movie, I thought of all my friends I had back when I was young and single, in high school and beyond. There were 5 of us there last night and most of us hadn't seen the movie. We tried to peg ourselves as a character early on in the movie. I pegged myself as the nerd who goes to Greece for the summer. I liked her, definitely had the best story outcome in the movie. I won't ruin it for you. I definitely am most like her, responsible, nerdy, intellectual, OK who I am kidding? I am totally the gorgeous, blonde soccer playing one. Kind of funny how you like to put yourself into a role or stereotype.

So a few things I am excited about for the upcoming months:
  • Going to Mexico with my hubby in 2 weeks barring he doesn't break his leg and we have to cancel the trip - it's been 3 1/2 years since we tried to get away together.
  • Spring- any day now would be good- I'm tired of freezing my buns off in the barn every week during Erin's lesson
  • Maybe applying for a new job this month
  • Getting in shape, again this is my New Year's goal, andI didn't wait til Monday, I started today
  • Spring- Oh I said that already.
  • Taking the kids swimming this afternoon
  • Doing a half marathon this summer, that's the plan, maybe we'll start with a 10 km.
  • Starting on my living room quilt once the kids get back to school
  • Going to CA this summer!
Got to run, maybe I'll think of a few more later....