Thursday, April 25, 2013

Here Goes Nothin'..

I'm diving into 6 weeks of practicum with 3rd year students.  I've only ever had 2nd years, so we'll see how this goes.  I met them today and they seem like a good group.  No stand out issues like last time around :)  It seems like I'm trying lots of new things lately.   Between that, lots of weekends away, some birthdays, and spring gardening (I can only hope), May is looking full already.

We're waiting for the big press release to come out any day, but KD had some photoshop fun - in a bad way - when they asked for a photo.  Not everyday you get a whole article written about just you.... or never.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's Only Fair to Post Some Boys Video too...

I must share some of the awesomeness that U15 boys' volleyball is...  apparently there is a big learning curve this next year, here's hoping.  We were thrilled they pulled off a couple wins in their 0-15 season.  My cute little #4 trying his hardest:

Here they are in their fancy black jerseys in case you got confused.

And here's my sweet friend and I totally paying attention while score keeping this match.  I think we got reprimanded,  but he was only like 21, so I'm not sure.  I'm loving the double chin at this angle.  It's hard to score keep and try to take video simultaneously, good thing I had Dawn to keep me in check, and several trips to the closest coffee shop.

And the coach.. showing off his best side again (sweet friend's husband)

And in other exciting news.... the braces came off yesterday!!  Look at those teeth!  And that awesome RSS math t-shirt.  I'm not kidding, who makes a math t-shirt?  But her teacher gave her one!  It says "Math is Cool" on the back, FOR REAL.   Me thinks she is a bit of a what we call  "getting the citizenship award"  ie. brown noser.  Her teacher loves her.
  But I'd give it 2 thumbs up also! I'm sure she'll be wearing it everywhere! (and if you don't know me well enough by now, note: sarcasm)

Monday, April 8, 2013

What I'm Into These Days

This world keeps spinning faster... (with a bit of awesome harmony)

Seriously... I've been debating whether to shut down the blog, or what, but I'll keep going.  I feel like I don't have a lot to say these days.  There is that quiet voice speaking to my heart and His faithfulness keeps telling me to be still.

So for you, prompted by you know who you are... a little update of "What I'm into These Days", inspired by Meliss

I'm into family, having a whole Erin fan club in Calgary for her last tournament, such a joy to sit with family in the everyday moments, at one time I counted 20 of us there at once! I'm into watching a LOT of volleyball and I mean a lot!  The next 5 weekends, and the last 2! A 10 hour day at the gym last weekend and lots of girls to feed.  Glad my turn as "team Mom" is over.

I'm into tall people, hormonal teenage boys that make me the shortest in the family now and hanging with my bros!

I'm into almost warm spring days with tulips bursting up through the winter soil and the dirt demanding some attention which it hasn't gotten, but still it brings forth colors. Rain that has turned things green almost overnight.  And listening to inspiring gardeners talk and bring me new ideas!

I'm into stories, cuddles and Easter egg hunts with nephews I don't see near enough! 

I'm into freshly painted walls and bright colors, new lacy curtains and fluffy pillows!

I'm into settling back into work schedules after a weird last few months.  Feeling newly inspired to care for people and love on and teach young people.  I'm not into learning about life sized dolls that talk, pee, bleed, have blood pressures and pulses that change.

I'm into giggles and funny texts about prom, and 3 new ties that hopefully match her dress :)

I'm into being inspired to live love and keep pushing on in new ministries, to being called to new things.

I'm into hanging out with my niece who is brave and changes planes and flies all by herself.

I'm into cleaning out and getting rid of stuff, especially big things like trampolines!

I'm TOTALLY into God's awesomeness, revealed in creation! A gorgeous mountain drive!