Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Goings On

Erin in the dress we made ~
going to the Crystal Ball

Out on the hunt for a Christmas tree!

What's a campfire without a few weiner jokes?

It actually happened, a Norman Rockwell moment, egg nog,
Christmas music, decorating the tree

Soon diverged into other shenanigans

Yes... they actually play volleyball in the house.  It's pretty hard to stop it
 when he's the instigator.  Only 1 broken light fixture thus far.  I'm trying to
 convince them 10 foot ceilings would be a good alternative!

Our sweet Pioneer Girls! the Christmas party!

Being silly with "Kiwi" (Erin's bird name)

Erin's new job!
I really wanted a pic of her in the CUTE apron,
 but this was all I could purse-cam.
Teenagers are mortified by such things as
 Mom taking a photo of them!!

My Birthday

Jacob's Nativity always seems to have interesting dynamics

Mom's Birthday


Yup, he's going to be the shortest soon!

Christmas Eve- post op day 4! 

My latest activity- 1000 pieces later!

My amazing husband and SIL have taken over the kitchen for the festivities!

Erin's awesome onesies!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gross Alert- for all you nurses out there

Here it is...  I hadn't showered or cleaned it yet.  It's much lovelier now.  I like the surgeon's doodles, as he called them.  I also like the fact that he came and saw me before they took me to the OR and put his signature on the correct leg!  I'm not bored yet, too much lazing around, working on a puzzle, watching movies, dozing off, and having visitors pop in - THANK YOU all for being so caring and amazing!!

I also think I'm done with the narcotics after last night's weird dreams and Kevin trying to wake me up.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Laying Around

I've neglected the blog for quite awhile, but now I have some time since I'm leg up for awhile. Yesterday was the big day.  By extreme "coincidence" my sweet friend Janet was having the SAME surgery, SAME leg, SAME surgeon, SAME day.  I was first, she was second in the OR.  So we waved as we passed by being wheeled around, and got to have a little visiting post-op.  The husbands could compare notes in the waiting room and maybe we can drive to some physio appointments together :)  I got to go home first, so didn't get a photo side by side in our gowns, like Erin wanted, but this was close enough.

So it's ice for a few days and trying not to eat too much Christmas baking, which won't be too hard since I didn't get much done.  My Mom came on Monday to look after me and everyone, we got some shopping done  the day before and she got up in the night with me to change my ice packs last night and is keeping my tea and drugs by the bedside.  That's what Moms do even when their kids are all grown up :)  I also have the BEST husband in the world!