Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tous les bling-bling dont vous aurez besoin

Apparently I need more bling-bling in my life.
I've been told -- I got that spam e-mail twice today! I know am a pretty plain ordinary girl, not much into bling and such, I cut my own hair for Pete's sake. But I also don't need Viagr$ or a free university degree.

I also found out I have some secret readers that have been "spying" on me too, so I figured I better start writing something a little more interesting, more bling :) Not that my faithful old readers don't need interesting reading. So here's some tid bits from the week:

**my heart is breaking for a story I read, someone's life being lived this way, not a fairy story. My friend, who is sort of like my 3rd brother, is in Africa and tells a story of 3 orphans eating mud to keep from being hungry
**Erin happened on this fantastic blog!! Check out the painted pumpkin idea!
**this salad dressing is awesome, I brought it to work on a bed of lettuce, with a diced chicken breast, and a mandarin orange! OK I can't find it on the website anymore, so just try this instead, I made it for Kevin's birthday, it is divine!
**if you buy marbled rye bread, the kids still think it's chocolate bread and actually eat the sandwiches in their lunches
** I must be hungry, these are all about food!
**chai lattes are just better in a "to stay" mug
**this article resonated with me, I LOVE the encouragement on the pages of this blog
**I think I'll go do my, I mean Jacob's, paper route, he's not feeling great today

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's For Dinner?

I'm trying to be more deliberate and planned in my meals lately since I've had more time. When we were on Salt Spring Island a few weeks back, we had the most amazing lunch out in a cute little place on the dock at Fulford Harbor. The waitress was fantastic and so happy to hand out the website for some of their amazing recipes. KD says his Texicana Naan sandwich was the best ever, but my Yam Burrito was to die for and it doesn't sound hard to make! Just need a couple ingredients and it'll be on this week's menu for sure! You guys have got to try it, it's amazing! This Yam Quesadilla looks amazing too! 'Tis the season for all the root vegetables!

And since a blog is always better with a photo... one of my new faves of Kevin's from Salt Spring.... "mini mushroom"

Monday, October 18, 2010

Total Inspiring! I Love this Dad!

Their fastest time in an ironman is 35 minutes short of the world record!!

Heavy into VB Season

Wow, I know I've been blogging a lot about sports. I was never really into sports, but I love that my kids are. It's so full of life and fun and friendships. We've been heavy into VB for a few weeks now. Glad soccer is now finished. The overlap just about kills us.

This video is for Gramma who missed seeing Jacob play when they were here visiting.

Yep, Erin is 5'11" and playing middle blocker again this year. KD had a private blocking lesson with her on the front lawn this week and he ain't too shabby himself - I love watching him play too, so agile at 41, he's hot, looks like he never lost any of his skills - love it!!

I loved this sight on my front lawn this weekend. A yard full of teenagers, makes me wish I had more yard to share with them. Reminds me of our Seattle days when we had 5 acres and drop in volleyball on the lawn every Wed. night for whoever.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It was a Nail Biter

We came in 2nd in the last 2 minutes of play, the other team snuck in another goal that our goalie had, but then dropped and it got pushed in. It was back and forth the whole game! So exciting, the parents were going crazy! What a fun end to a great season!

Perfect spot by the lake for an afternoon game

Love these boys

Friday, October 15, 2010

"Pizza on 3" - our team cheer

I was first introduced to Papa Murphy's right after Jacob was born. Another Mom I worked with at the Crisis Pregnancy Center brought it over for dinner one night. Loved them ever since.. and it took about 10 years for them to make it to this side of the border. Our boys' soccer team this year is sponsored by none other. I was pretty happy about that.

The season is winding to a close. It's a long coaching season (March-October), but we've enjoyed it so much this year. We have had the greatest group of boys (barring one that has been more than difficult to love at times) and had so much fun together! We'll miss the good team spirit that's happened. The boys have been on a total winning streak this fall, after losing a lot of games in the spring and they are hyped for the playoffs this weekend. Leaving practice yesterday the team was gathered together by one of the boys for another final cheer - on the street! Makes all those hours worthwhile! We've considered these boys and their families our ministry this year, loving them and hanging out with them 3 times a week.

We got a fantastic new color laser printer this week, been on the wish list for years, and was KD's little back to work gift for himself, so I spent the morning having fun with it and printing off some fun awards for the boys last game Sunday. Just think of all the things I'll be printing with my new (I mean the new "work" printer- he does use it for work A LOT).

Monday, October 11, 2010

What would I do without the Internet?

When I can't kiss those chubby cheeks myself at least there are photos of my newest nephew. Oh my! Look at that sweet plaid shirt and those pouty lips!

He's sure chunking up!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

For Tara

Your sisters are hanging with you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When making it your ambition to lead a quiet life, working with your hands, the fingers come to easily bend, fold together, bow, in a posture of thanks.

So this is how a life catches light.

The sun is shining, the grass is newly mowed, the kids and man are happy and healthy, what an easy day to be thankful!

177. My girl said to me, "Mommy, do you know what I love about high school?" " I HAVE FRIENDS!!" I just about started to bawl after the trial of middle school. You don't know how joyful that makes me feel! They walk to school in the mornings, in spite of me driving Jacob, because it's so fun to talk and walk (I'm familiar with the talking and walking, it'll carry you forever with your girlfriends)
178. My Tuesday group of women who inspire, make me giggle, and share the journey. We're starting a study on the book of Esther. I look forward to it: a book that does not mention God at all, and where He seems absent, and yet He really is behind the scenes in the whole thing. Sounds sort of like a season we're just ending, so can't wait to see how it all comes together. The morning just seems like this to me with our latte making hostess!

179. peach cobbler
180. the burning bush
181. Summer weather in October
182. my new wheels, even though it feels all wrong to have a new (to me) car right now, it's just how it happened. Thanks MOM!!!
183. Tomatoes, tomatoes everywhere
184. Apples bursting off my little tree
185. Athletic kids. I love going and watching their sports games, sitting with the other parents and cheering
186. the neighbor man who puts out seed every day for the quail
187. Kevin working!
188. Kevin working!
189. Kevin working!
190. God's unending faithfulness and pursuit of a big screw up like me
191. New vision for a weary congregation
192. Love this song

holy experience

Friday, October 1, 2010

Chopping Red Peppers

It is so cute to hear Jacob talk about school now. He's getting so grown up and my Mommy heart can't handle it, but I'm trying to stop and breathe. Today in foods class he is making breakfast burritos with his group. He gets to be at the chopping station, red peppers and mushrooms. He turns up his nose at having to eat them though, but I can just picture the goings on. He's off to volleyball practice early this morning and heading to a youth retreat this weekend after his new paper route that he doesn't need me for either; my moments are becoming fewer. I want to have him little again, to start over and make each moment count. I know we did that together, we made lots of memories, and took the time to be home, but it all went so fast. But isn't that the way it is supposed to be, to teach them strength and independence, how to stand on their own, how to live well in their own circle. I just want to always be in that circle!!