Sunday, September 28, 2008

A full Saturday

After a 6:30 am wake up so we could get to the barn by 7:15... we had a fun morning at the horse show (have I told you I'm not a morning- ask Bri she may have noticed when she came by to watch- the show not me). At least it was warm and we did a pretty good job on our first attempt at horse braids in 20 min. Erin ended up doing 5 classes (you sign up for different categories depending on what you can or want to do with your horse, then they ask you to do certain things and you're judged on your ability, position, the horse's listening capacity etc.) and placed 6th in one of them, so she was happy since she's only ridden this particular horse twice and most of the time he looks half asleep.

Getting her ribbon

We had a surprise visit from Mom and Del, I know yes they live in Alberta and don't usually just pop in, but that's what happened- they were on their way home from holidays on the Oregon coast and decided to come our way. The day held 2 more soccer games and ordering in pizza for dinner since I was bagged. We skipped church. I think God would be OK with that :) He's not so stuck on how often we visit Him at the building, but more often how often our hearts turn His way. I was worshiping Him out while picking grapes this afternoon in the beautiful sunshine. What an amazing day! The fall colors are just starting and I realize that I need to post "this week in the garden" soon...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Random Friday Thoughts

**My soccer career is not over! My knee is healing and may actually play again next week! The past 2 days of working and walking on it a lot were OK. I had my knee brace on, and it was tired at the end of the day, but feeling stronger!

**On a happy note, I got all week day shifts for October, so can continue on with my nursing career as is. I am off for the week before Tara's visit so I can clean house :) You should just see the disaster! We have almost emptied Kevin's purple and baby blue office for the next home reno. Notice the nice several layers of brown and then dirty beige carpet on top. We're contemplating hardwood.

This is where he will be parked for a few weeks, at least I hope only a few weeks while we drywall... We think he might want a different color in there too :)

** We saw this really cute bear while going through the drive through in Golden. Where was his Mama?? Guess he liked the smell of burgers too.

We had to refrain Ditto from wanting to go over and say hello

** It's the weekend! and the last weekend of regular season soccer, I think I hear Kevin shouting for joy! Although I led the boys' practise this week and they are such a great group of boys, it'll be nice to have our Saturdays back- and our Tues-Thurs evenings.

** I really don't want any men out there playing with anymore power tools and coming into the hospital with their hands all wrecked up! Be careful out there!! Lawn mowers, paint sprayers and bull riding are all dangerous things this week and every week!

** When I can't exercise I want to, how backwards is that? When I can I don't feel like it!

** I'm glad my internet is back after 2 days of whatever; Kevin's happy too since he NEEDS it for work! I just need it for play.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Few More...

Me and My ManHere I'm smiling better in this one

Kevin looking after the Mother of the Groom - just shows what kind of guy he is!

Couldn't get by without some pics of those amazing gerberas!

Always dress comfortably when you're the photographer

Stark Contrast

We are home from a wonderful weekend in Edmonton at the wedding of a long time dear friend. We had lots of visiting with old friends, catching up, reminiscing, and making new memories. There's something about having history with people, that it's just so easy to be together and you know and love each other already, there isn't the getting to know or trying to understand.

I was blessed to stay with Val and her new husband of 3 years, a great cook, Manuel and excited to hear/see the news of a baby on the way :) Kevin whooped it up staying with the groom and his men, and the kids had a fabulous time at Gramma and Papa's. Strange that we were spread out in 3 different homes to sleep, but it was a nice break for us all.

It's hard to describe the emotions of the day. I am usually a level-headed, fairly emotionally stable person, but I found myself almost unable to contain the emotions on several occasions- ie. felt like I might start the sobbing cry a few times. The marriage of this guy, who we just adore, to a woman who seems to match him so perfectly just brought us so much JOY! I don't think that I have ever been in a room that held so much joy from so many people at once. Sort of like the feeling of a baby being born with excitement, but all these people feeling the same way (at least I imagine they all did). The families on both sides gave such amazing speeches about the kind of people they are and how they waited and God has just blessed them with each other, that they were made to be together.

Meet the cast of characters:

The Groom: Phil Kevin's friend since they were 12. The most easy going, laid back guy you may ever meet. He's loyal and consistent and always smiling. The guys played volleyball together since junior high and right into college. He was the best man at our wedding, they've had many an adventure, backpacking, hiking, fishing, chasing girls (pre- ME) and on it goes. He has traveled the world, lived in Japan for 5 years, dated a few girls and just never found the right one. Now he's turning 40 next week and he has met the love of his life. No one could just believe it took so long! There was many a joke about that, especially since he has 3 older sisters.

The Bride: Marcy
Stunning!! The most lovely girl and a perfect match for our Phil. Similar story, waiting and wondering where HE was for all her 35 years. Strong in her faith, and so loving to her family, shown by the fact that 2 of her "brides boys" were her brothers. Can't wait to get to know her better. She's a nurse, what more needs to be said?

3 Lovely Flower Girls:

The Men:

Michael - neighborhood friend of Phil since they were 5. Mike is a short, sort of odd little guy who has had the same job, same car and lived across the street from his parents for 18 years. Loves Phil!!! Loyal... as the day/drive home is long. And Phil has treated him like gold and given him the honor of carrying the rings.

Kevin - the cute bowlegged one, we all know him.
MY groom with THE groom.

Craig- the tall one. This guy is an extreme extrovert! By the end of the rehearsal dinner, he knows everyone by name, their kids names, their favorite color, and is laughing and hugging everyone goodbye like long lost friends. He is a people magnet, the life of the party, always including everyone so that we all have a great time! He was added to the circle of friends around college and the 4 of these guys became a close knit group. He married young to his soul mate, Julie, a gorgeous, kind, soft hearted soul. So their home, fridge and hot tub became center stage for many of their escapades. We all adored Julie and were devastated when she succumbed to breast cancer at the age of 30 shortly after giving birth to their 2nd, a boy. We have watched as Craig has courageously raised his daughter, the spitting image of her Mom, and their son for the past 7 years! For us we wished we could have been closer to help carry the burden. Phil had moved into Craig's basement after a period of time after Julie was gone and became an uncle to those kids. What history!

The ceremony was lovely. The groom could almost not contain his smile, was that a little undressing with your eyes I just saw?

The kicker for me was the Toast to the Groom. Craig gave an amazing speech with so much humor and so many fun stories because they've all had so much life that has already been lived. Then he talked about all the things that they had been through together. The camping and hiking, the hockey playoffs year after year, and that they've watched friends get married and babies being born, and "even buried those that they have loved". I don't think there was a dry eye for those who know the story. It sure didn't help my mascara situation that the groom and all the groomsmen were bawling! I think the "brides' boys" didn't know what was going on; that poignant comment was missed on so many. (Phil's Dad had also died in previous years).

I wondered how so much joy and sorrow could be contained in one moment. Craig and Julie who had loved and been soul mates, lived so fully and so well even through her cancer, who after 7 years still clings to her memory. A tragic end to that journey of love. And the beginning of another journey starting just the same, so in love, so full of hope and joy, but living a little wiser because of knowing.

It is so good to share in that community! To feel so deeply with those we love and care about. We can't wait to share many more memories together and wish that happiness for everyone! It seems people have so many disappointments in life, that these moments are all the fuller for them. My heart is full!

Marcy - The Avid Golfer

Just Married!
Congratulations you 2!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Pea..ed my Bed

The kids thought it was funny when I said it this morning...

I had visions of running a marathon, getting in shape, playing forward on my new soccer team! Well at my first ladies' game of the season, I injured my knee. I drove myself home and iced, then had a nice trip into ER to see if it needed x-rays. It was the popping sound that worried me, that and the giving out. Only minimal pain and swelling, so one of those should I stay or should I go decisions. Since the plan was to drive to Edmonton today, I figured I better go. So no real serious damage, possibly a slight ligament tear, but maybe not because of the lack of swelling, most probably a pull on the insertion of the hamstring. So thus ends my short lived soccer career, at least for awhile.

So I'm icing it before getting out of bed this morning and the bag of frozen peas bursts open.
"Kids come quick, I pea..ed my bed"

Monday, September 15, 2008


A friend of mine and her family have gone to India for a year to study language, so they can be missionaries to this people group. Despite the fact that I lost my neighbor/walking partner, I am getting over it. I phoned her last night and found out some things about their life there; I find it so interesting how other cultures and countries live:

* She has a 14 year old girl that comes every morning for a half hour and sweeps and washes all her floors. She gets paid $7 a month. I want this girl!!
* Every morning a bell rings in the complex and people come out and buy their milk and flat bread for the day. The milk only lasts a day- yes it's pasteurized- but that is a little weird, or maybe ours is weird that is lasts so long. No one has ovens, so obviously the flat bread. They don't bake anything- no cookies, no cakes, no croissants, no buns! The kids eat tonnes of candy and all their teeth are all rotting.
* All washing machines must be on the deck or porch.
* The men go down to the corner barber shop every morning and get a shave.
* The teachers hit the kids there (not theirs), they also give them a lot of candy every day, she has had to go to the school and tell the teacher to stop giving them so much candy
* Her son in grade 2 is learning 3 digit subtraction, in kindergarten the kids learn cursive writing. None of them can read yet though (it's an English school- they can read Punjabi I suppose). Calculators are illegal in school! They can do a lot of math in their heads!
* Women must wear BIG earrings- get out my 80's dangle!
* They take an auto rickshaw everywhere, I'd like to see one of those!
* Diwali is coming up- their big festival!
* She saw a 4 inch bug yesterday.
* Everything takes longer there- everything! Makes you thankful in some ways for our easy life at home!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy 39!

We're pretty relaxed party people, like we don't really get invited to parties and our own are very low key. Maybe we should get out more, be a little more interesting, you know have some friends :) We try. It's a Friday night, we're home as usual. Gone are the days of what am I doing Friday night? Usually going to bed early 'cause we're tired. We took Erin to riding lessons, picked up Jacob from another birthday party, and had a great dinner out. Jacob didn't eat since he'd already had pizza and ice cream cake.

Good morning sweetie! A few balloons to keep you company in the office today!

What are you building on the screen there today? Should I blur it out?
Is it confidential? Looks like a pipe of some sort??

Fishing tackle box from Erin, licorice from Jake.

(not homemade) aren't blowing out the birthday candle photos just usually the best?! People always look their best!

What is a party without loot bags? We always have loot bags even at adult birthdays!

Happy Birthday Kev!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

39? Already? What Happened?

Happy Birthday to my favorite man! He's turning 39 today so in honor of him, I shall list 39 things I love about Kevin:

1~ he's hardworking
2~ he's an amazing Dad and the kids adore him
3~ he likes to go to bed when I do whenever that is
4~ his bowed legs, even though he doesn't like them I think they're cute and it's the closest thing to a cowboy I want to get
5~ before he proposed, he paid off all his debts- how responsible is that?
6~ he married for love because I had 22 cents in my bank account
7~ he likes all my friends and they like him
8~ he doesn't compromise his values
9~ he's so easy going
10~ he gives in when necessary
11~ he supports every decision I make
12~ he puts others before himself all the time
13~ those blue eyes
14~ he can fix darn near anything
15~ he compliments my garden often and checks it out almost as often as I do
16~ he is so kind to people, listens intently and stores information like a computer
17~ he keeps my head out of the clouds when necessary
18~ he has this unique creative mind, actually he's brilliant
19~ he helps the kids with their homework
20~ he's so honest
21~ we have the same taste in so many things, like home decor so I can do pretty much whatever I want
22~ that thick blonde hair and perfect smile (thanks Mom & Dad for paying for braces)
23~ he loves Jesus
24~ his faith governs his actions
25~ he is strong and consistent
26~ he drives the kids to school after I've worked a night shift
27~ his generous heart
28~ he can type really fast! he's precise in everything he does
29~ he knows when it's a good night to suggest going out for dinner
30~ he coaches boys' soccer even though he hates groups of children
31~ he's cuddly
32~ his warped sense of humour
33~ he stole my heart and he won't give it back
34~ when we were dating, he always called me his best buddy
35~ he comes up with really weird and fascinating concepts and trivial thought out details
36~ he's so athletic and toned even though he sits on his butt all day (it's not fair really)
37~ he tells me he loves often
38~ he laughs when I think I'm funny
39~ he's more wonderful than the day I married him!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some really interesting stuff about me

I've been tagged and thought it was a really great post, so I will comply.

i am: loved by the people that matter in my life
i think: about things probably way too much
i know: a little about a broad range of things, but not much about anything
i want: to know Jesus more deeply
i have: a great husband! and everything I could ever need
i wish: i could do and be everything that my mind creates
i hate: children starving to death and being mistreated and abused
i miss: some close friends that live too far away; my Dad
i fear: losing control (of my mind, my bladder, my life)
i feel: like the world is going down hill fast
i hear: that the rising cost of food is hurting a lot of poor people
i smell: toast
i crave: an Earl Grey misto
i search: the internet on occasion
i wonder: how my kids will turn out, if I'll ever get to Africa again
i regret: not always being the most loving I could have been
i love: you
i ache: when i hear about child prostitution and things like that
i care about: my family
i always: check my e-mail before bed
i am not: easily overwhelmed or excited
i believe: in truth and Jesus
i dance: with the kids sometimes with the music really loud so you can hear it from the street
i sing: a lot and often make up the words as i go
i don't always: feel like being nice
i fight: rarely, much more of a passive run and hider
i write: about more interesting stuff in my journal, but you guys might laugh
i win: whenever i can
i lose: at Scrabble with Kevin
i never: want to forget the lessons i've learned, but somehow i do
i confuse: my husband
i listen: pretty well, except when Kevin talks about work because i am confused
i can usually be found: at home a lot, in my garden
i am scared: of something happening to my kids
i need: chocolate and quality time with people
i am happy about: going to Edmonton next week

Monday, September 8, 2008

School Update Again!

My boy had a traumatic day as teacher B was assigned to teach only grade 6 --- because of all those bad parents who have recently moved into the neighborhood and didn't sign their children up for school til the 1st or 2nd day. Resulting in the school having to get another teacher and re-arranging the classes TWICE!! This morning they were supposed to re-post the changes, and we were all good, he was staying right where he was. I was relieved and sighed a huge sigh. Then my little man came off the bus at the end of the day took one look at me and burst into tears. At the end of the day, they made a few more changes! Why can they not get this right the first time? Do they not know how reluctant this child is to change? We were on the upswing of him getting up each morning excited!

Don't get me wrong, I also love the teacher he has as of today, he had him last year, but we were trying to look forward with great optimism. So my boy thinks it's going to be the same and get boring very fast! There are 18 boys in the class and like 6 girls or something- how could they not have a blast with this man? They'll be like a bunch of orangutans in a zoo! And the teacher will be leading them on with laughter! He has 6 kids of his own, he's like the Pied Piper!

So we are learning how to deal with disappointment without a big lecture from Mom about how things don't always turn out the way we think they should. I hope sleep makes it all go away and feel better in the morning.

More Produce

By now, you have probably figured out I like my produce. How can you not living here? I am still trying to reply to the "please come and get some plums before they go to waste" e-mail, but had a few other fruits to deal with first.

First item up for bids.... we have the comparison between my home grown peach on the left and the one I bought at the market last week!! Oh sweet Nelly it was delicious! I picked 25, but it filled almost a whole box! The fruit flies were excited!

Notice the eye makeup on our lovely peach model...

The "Lady Kenmore" has been a busy beaver today cooking up a storm for me. I laugh every time I read that label on my stove, don't ask me why, I just think it's so traditional, so non-politically correct, so Becky Homecky, shows how old my stove is, attests to the fact that Kevin has re-wired it once and it goes onward!

I was in the kitchen from 1:00 until well after dinner. A little salsa making happening. People ask me for my recipe, and I gladly give it so I don't have to continue making salsa for the multitudes who flock to my door when they smell the aroma. Problem is after all these years, I don't use a recipe anymore. All you have to do is chop up a LOT of tomatoes and start them simmering...

Throw in a bunch of other stuff like garlic and spices and stuff and simmer some more...

Then add the onion and peppers, today's batch got some hot banana peppers, a couple haberneros I grew myself (and really you want only a couple- not 3 or you be burning and this is a big pot!) and maybe a dozen jalepenos..

Simmer some more, send your husband to the store for tomato paste because you ran out and supper is in the oven, put in happy little jars of all sizes for keeping and giving, then listen to one of my favorite sounds- the jars popping down and sealed- and then go to bed with a sore back...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

This Week in the Garden

It's feeling like autumn in the mornings. Cool and needing a sweatshirt, then wanting to wear shorts by noon. It's just too many clothes at this time of year. The garden is starting to show the beginning signs of fall, the roses are getting their hips, and the leaves are starting to just show the barely first visible signs of a hint of different color. The mums are out and beautiful though, I love those late blooming flowers. One year my garden mum bloomed til early December, but that was a mild one and it was snuggled in close to the house.

This flower is definitely getting moved this week because it's hiding in behind some old chopped down daisy stems and I can hardly see it. I think it's called a pasque flower. Kind of reminds me of the Alberta wild rose.

This burning bush is going to look amazing about Thanksgiving! I saw the first bright red leaf this morning on my daily rounds.

This is one HUGE peach! See how it fills up my whole hand, and I have big hands! I used to think I could be a hand model because my fingers were really long and slender, but this pic ain't showin' it! Dry skin much?!! Stay away from my peaches Ditto, it's just a baby tree with only a dozen or so!

The other night around 4:30am we were awaken to a thump, thump, thumpity, thumpity sound. I thought it must be the boy kicking the wall, he's a thrasher, but Kevin got up to check it out and looked out the bathroom window only to see 2 raccoons trying to get the lid off the dog food pail we keep up on the deck. They had thumped it down the stairs. So cute them little critters in the early morning light, but I was too lazy to get the camera, and Kevin chased them away. Next morning I saw they had been into the grape vines too and I got out my nets. So my lousy attempt to save the remaining...

And don't ask me why my tomatoes are so late this year, I am dying to get the salsa bubbling on the stove!! But that's OK I responded to one of those e-mails we lucky ones in the Okanagan get that read something like this.. "please come and take some of this fruit off my hands". So I had a few 20-30 pounds of peaches to deal with today. I love those e-mails!! Happy canning!

School Update

Oh the agony, the boredom continues!
Like his heart walked out the door! What am I chopped liver?

My boy is loving teacher B! He got a pretty bad trampoline burn on his knee last night so he's worried about PE class today. I think he'll forget it's there come lunchtime.

My girl has a whole new schedule today. I got up my nerve and went to the vice principal- I still feel like I'm bad or something going to the principal's office (authority issues)- and he was SOooo nice and changed her into some new classes with teachers he highly recommends. Funny he didn't even question my concern about why I was not wanting this teacher and as soon as I mentioned who she had last year, he said "I understand, we will make this happen". hmmm...... I know they have had a lot of complaints about this man. Unions!! Can't get rid of the people who should be in another profession. She has no friends that she knows of in her 4 main courses, but her electives stayed the same. It'll be a good thing I think.

Later... she came home thrilled with the new teachers. They did a science experiment today with fire!- that's more than they did all of last year. And they have interesting things like fish and snakes in the classroom! I still remember the pickled fetal pig in our science lab in high school.

I attempted to copy Randi's great idea . How hard can a paper cone really be to make? Apparently more difficult than I thought after taping and stapling for 20 minutes!!! Notice how the bottom of the photo cropped off.

This recipe is a must try! From Pioneer Woman: Best ever chocolate sheet cake. I looked at a few places for a jelly roll pan and ended up just using a cookie sheet that had fairly high sides but nothing spectacular. It is amazing and so easy to make. I have never made a cake that you didn't blend the wet ingredients like eggs and sugar together and then mix the dry, must be the special magic.

What my boy manages to create with his piece: nice Starburst mouth

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Had a Grandmother

"Generations come and generations go, but the earth never changes.
The sun rises and the sun sets, then hurries around to rise again.
History merely repeats itself. It has been done before.
Nothing under the sun is truly new.
We don't remember what happened in the past, and in future generations,
no none will remember what we are doing now."
Ecclesiastes 1:4, 5, 9, 11

I had a Grandmother that I met once. She lived a far way off in another country and only came to see me once when I was just a wee girl. I remember she brought me a brown jewelry box with yellow flowers on it. When you opened the bottom drawer it would play a song, "Love Story". That became Oma's song because it's the only thing I remember about her, that and the grey dress and pink cardigan that she's wearing in a photo my family has of her tucked away in a ragged edged book somewhere. I can't remember if she gave me the little dolly that lay in the top drawer, or if I put it there sometime later. It was Raggedy Ann and you know how memories have a funny way of not always staying in the right places or certain details aren't always there, but some are there really strongly, like the lighting in the hospital room when my Dad died or the jump for joy feeling I had the morning I woke up and realized I was getting married, or the smell of my babies' head when they just had a bath.

I heard a speaker recently talk about memories and how when they are remembered, they are re-stored and sometimes the memory changes by the simple act of remembering it, thinking it over and re-storing it in some other part of your brain (also why reviewing while studying makes you remember it in different ways). I suppose this would mean that memories I haven't thought of in a long time are more intact and more perfect than ones that I mull over time and again. Maybe that's why old people have such vivid memories of older days, their minds become more lucid and they go back to days gone by that they haven't thought of in a really long time.

My Oma died when I was 3. My Dad was probably really sad, but I never asked him. I think she was a really good Mama to him, even though during WWII she had to split up her kids to live with some relatives so that they would have enough food to eat. I think my Dad got to stay with her because he was born in 1940 in Europe and was just a baby. I think it would be really hard as a Mama to have to send your children away to be cared for by someone else, but you'd tell yourself everyday that is was better that they were safe and fed. I wonder how she felt? Did she lie awake at night scared and worried for them, praying that God would look after them and bring them enough to eat for tomorrow? My freezer is really full and I don't have to worry about that. Or did she worry that the Germans wouldn't invade and she wouldn't see someone she loved again, how could she not? Did her heart ache at the thought of missing their bedtime cuddles and their daily thoughts? I'd like to ask her. I wonder if she thought about what color to paint the living room. It probably didn't matter, but I still think she loved pretty things- like flowers in her window boxes and that jewelry box. She must have known that her youngest granddaughter would like something like that and keep her earrings in it even when she 37.

Was she a hearty laughing type of Grandma that hugged everyone into her ample bosom? Or a quiet, gentle spirit that just filled a room with peace and homemade cookies, like Kevin's Grandma who I got to know better than my own. What did she dream of when she was a little girl? Did she want to be a Mama to 5 children? Did she fall madly in love with her man? I like to imagine she did because he was a wonderful man. Were her questions about God the same as mine? Is He proud of me? Am I doing everything He wants for me? How can He listen to everyone at the same time? How many recipes did she have in her cupboard? And what did she cook for a meal on a special day one she knew her husband loved? I think she probably could teach me a thing or 2, or 20 about knitting and embroidery. In my mind she even knew a lot about ships because she would sit and listen to her husband at night in front of the fire tell of all the pieces they put together on the latest ship at the docks.

But how can it be that I know so little about her when she is only one generation away? Will my granddaughter know so little about me? I don't even know if she had a middle name. This is a woman who shaped my life in more ways than I'll probably know, who read stories to my father on her lap at night, taught Him about God and how to be a good, strong and courageous man. Who fed his little belly and probably cried the day he left the country for a life of his own at the age of 16. That man who gave me life and showed me love, patience, character and courage in the face of adversity. She faced some adversities I'll never know about. She had love and disappointment, hope and friendships; she made plans and worked with her hands, planted gardens and loved her children, and yet the details of it I can't ever know. Maybe she wrote some things down in some sort of flowing handwriting that I'll never recognize on the outside of an envelope. The thoughts and dreams of women can't have changed that much over 2 generations: to be productive, creative, loving, full of family and friends and love, making a difference to someone's life, being capable and fulfilled, wanting to know what you were made for, giving your heart to others. One day we'll sit and have tea, I think maybe English Breakfast, or I'll introduce her to a lovely chai blend that she never knew existed. We'll sit in a garden with lots of vines that grow up over our heads beside a little cottage by the sea. I'll thank her for her legacy of faith and love, even though the activities of her every day will never be known to me.

"For everything there is a season, a time for everything under heaven." Ecc. 3:1

First Day of School

This is a very traumatic day. This year as much as I am eager to get back to some routine and semblance of normalcy, I woke up with my stomach churning. I know I worry and stress much more than most other moms I talk to who are like "wooohoooooooo they're back to school- freedom". I miss not knowing what they do all day and seeing their cute not-so-little smiles.

A little brotherly love

My boy was awake, had breakfast and dressed before 7 am today! He has had the greatest attitude this year! Normally about a week or 2 before school starts he starts to exhibit anxiety related tics, and I know he's worrying. This year he didn't have any of that. We knew which of 2 teachers he would get and I LOVE them both- both are men- figure that one out? Teacher A : he had last year and he is teaching grade 5 this year and my boy would be very comfortable and right back into it. Teacher B : my girl had in grade 5 and I think he's fabulous, so into sports and fun and also great academically, really pushing them. So we, I say we because it is WE, got teacher B - Mr. Bergen! It's a 5/6 split so I know he'll get challenged to the upper level of grade 5. But the big disappointment, no friends at all in his class with him, and all of them with teacher A who he knows and loves and so thinks they are all going to have a big party in there with fun field trips and overnight camp-outs etc. I was so proud of him, his eyes started to fill up with tears and disappointment and then he stopped and said it's going to be OK and tried to be strong. And my bright shining girl came through with the best encouragements ever. Words that coming from Mom wouldn't mean the same.. you'll love him, you're going to have the best year, being with your friends doesn't matter because you see them always at lunch, you're going to love Mr. Bergen, he's the best! She had the same experience going into grade 5 with none of her friends with her, and came out having probably the best year of all her elementary years. So with my little boy settled into his new desk, we raced off to the middle school. Nice the times are staggered.
My girl begged me to come in with her to view the lists as we watched all the other parents drop off and run. So off we went, as soon as she saw a friend, off she went, but still looked to see where I was. She got in the same class as her friend, and off they went. We had a bit of concern over who her homeroom/math/science teacher is because of hear say. I've heard he's not so good, and coming off of last year with her math/science teacher spending most of his time on facebook (he personally told me that he only can engage the kids for 10 min. and then lets them work from their own out of the text book) so I'm a little worried as I don't want a repeat. So not sure what to do at this point, we'll wait the week out. I'll tell you, she missed a lot of math/science by the end of last year and had personal tutoring with Daddy. The class average at the end of the year on the school wide final exam was 59%, so that tells you something about the quality of the teaching. I know you homeschoolers are hollering, keep her home!! All her other teachers seem really great. So here's hoping for a good start to 2008! I know this is way more detail than anyone cares about, but you're the one who keeps reading :) I let her wear some of my mascara today, grade 8--POLL: when did you start wearing mascara?

So I got my floors all washed and my bathroom all cleaned in my 2 hours before I had to run back to the school. It's only a half day- they don't start for real til tomorrow.

Poor doggy Ditto didn't know what to do with himself all morning. Back to hanging out at Dad's feet and dragging different shoes out into the yard... argghhh....