Sunday, January 29, 2012

Time to Slow Down...

So things were getting busy around here, lots of work shifts booked in the next few weeks, kid's activities and just life.  I'm coming to a screaming halt because of this:

 I guess I should quit extreme sports.  They are just so fun!

So keep the movie reviews coming Tara, Netflix might be my companion for a few days, and maybe sitting and cleaning out some drawers, getting caught up on some scrapbooking and photo management.  I guess my plans of running a 5km this spring are out.

I'm waiting on a referral to a sports med. Dr.  The GP thinks it's one of 3 things, but was hard to assess because of the swelling and the resistance of the patient.. ie. I wouldn't relax my leg so he could reef on the different ligaments to test them out.  Personally I'm hoping for the partial tear of the MCL - medial collateral ligament.

I have some good little helpers about.  And a wonderful husband who went out and got groceries for the week on a Sunday afternoon!

So I will be thankful...
..for great and quick medical care
..for wonderful teammates who drag me off the field, even though 5 ft. 110 lb. girl said she could carry me and asked how much I weigh
..a warm house to waffle about in
..nurse friends to call for info. like who is on call in ER to help with my decision making or lack thereof
..Tylenol #3
..a daughter who loves to bake
..not being like this all the time, and that this can heal
..that my problems are nothing in light of eternity
..that my heart is whole and full and free because of HIS amazing grace for me

Friday, January 20, 2012

My mind is sort of trail of random thoughts this week.  I think because I have made it my task to finish some of those tedious, never get done jobs on my TO DO list that keep getting carried over to the next list.  Like organizing photos on the J: drive.
So some randomness:
  • grade 8 boys totally fit this train of thought, we had 11 of them here last night to overflow the hot tub and really christen it.  The flow of ideas is from one thing to the next when you listen in on their conversation, and isn't that totally the reason to have them over?  One of the funniest comments being, "Who's she?"  "How old is she?" (in reference to Erin), "She's way too old for you buddy!"   Jacob's sister is cute.
  • dogs in sweaters bring a lot of interesting conversations
  • writing final exams and baking go hand in hand, good stress relief 
  • Say a prayer for Tracy and Steve today, he was moved to hospice 2 days ago and has Ca of the CSF, they don't know Jesus, but her sister DOES!  They have an almost 4 year old. 
  • A couple of really cool websites I've come across this week I just had to share with you: Riveting talks by remarkable people. Maybe you've seen this before but where have I been? The few I listened to were remarkable including one on sex slavery in India.  Oh my heart breaks.  This woman is amazing and has started her own NGO Prajwala India. These kind of people inspire me and I hope to one day do something inspiring like them. Another interesting link First World Problems I can't quite wrap my brain around.  Yes it's so satirical, so cutting into the fiber of our complainings, but yet there are no offerings of change. Here's a few gooders from their daily posts, you don't know whether to laugh or groan :   
With so many people in America suffering from sleep deprivation, you’d thing TV would be better at 3:30 in the morning?

I feel inadequate for not being able to perceive all 11 dimensions

I have caviar stuck in my braces


I can't fit all of the gift cards I received at Christmas into my wallet

I went to get cash at the drive-through ATM, and the armored car was reloading it, I had to sit in my car for like 10 minutes.  It was a nightmare. 

And my very own: I don't know what's happening with the fonts, they don't look like this on the edit, but publish different every time, like 5 times.

May all your weekend wanderings be lovely and warm


Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Monday...

... another Monday morning.  They seem to come and go so quickly,  passing by and racing onto the next.  A friend asked me this morning at the gym what my day held, and I didn't really know the answer.  I am usually such a planner, but of late have taken to less of it.  Monday is usually a home day for me: catch up from the weekend, laundry, house cleaning, picking up around the place, grocery shopping if needed.  Today those things seem so mundane.  I'd rather a fun lunch date laughing with friends, or be  planning some fun event.  But it's January and not much happens in January.

Kids are pushing into the end of semester and final exams... pressure.  Don't you feel it sometimes?  How many more times will I pick up these socks?  unload this dishwasher?  fill a lunch box?  The day to day. Pressures pushing the joy out of you.  And so I remind myself to be thankful for the small things, find gratitude in the moments, the ableness, the choices I have, that so many don't.

So I'm going to dive into this new cook book and liven things up around here :)  Finish my laundry pile and make the kids some much needed cookie love.  How's your Monday looking?

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Well it's been quite some time since I blogged.  I've been wondering whether to just quit altogether, revamp the blog, or just carry on.... at this point, it'll just be a carry on to share some of our Christmas moments.

My mom spoiled us all severely by taking the 13 of us to the Mayan Riviera for some pre-Christmas, her 65th birthday, Chad's grad year - before he's doing other things, and the baby is still free trip.  What a great time we all had enjoying the sun and each other.  For me, not having to cook and just show up to a million choices of food is always a treat.

So without further adieu, here are some pics.


My sweet newest nephew

Christmas at the resort!  I love this poinsettia tree!

All inclusive?  Erin's 1st trip to the dessert bar.  Surprisingly I didn't gain weight on this vacation!


They had a salt water pool on the rocky shore line side, amazing!

Baby palm trees?

Erin and Rose ready to go to dinner

More cousins pics

At the Mayan ruins near Tulum

Me and Mom on her 65th birthday!

Taking some waves :)

KD shot

My boy

Mom and Del

Group photo shoot - Erin threw up during this, she looks surprisingly well considering
Me and flowers

KD and Erin standing in front of some Mayan Ruins wondering why I'm taking the photo

Mom at her birthday dinner

Erin's shot - sunset

Beach :)

Erin's shot

Erin shot - she loves water pics

Me and KD taking some waves