Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

Spring??? We're being taunted I tell you! There must be a conspiracy somewhere. One day, it's warm and actually I have donned shorts- ONCE- and then it drops down and the cold wind feels like fall again. I actually went out in a t-shirt today and felt OK about it. Then by afternoon I'm wearing a jacket and want my gloves.

I had a lovely time shopping this afternoon with some older ladies in the store eager to help me find what I needed. It was at Ten Thousand Villages, which you must go into if you have one nearby, where they are all volunteer church ladies. I don't normally get help with my purchases, I'd rather just look and browse, but something came over me today, they just looked so approachable and desirous of helping that we had a lovely time. They were the ones who told me that Calgary is in a blizzard today. Is it true? She said her daughter e-mailed photos this morning! The funny thing is we were going to go to Calgary on Monday, but too many things got in the way. Thankfully we were here to avoid the blizzard and for Jacob to be at home sick for 3 days not travelling or at someone else's house.

I find it amazing that a boy can rig up a foam bullet shooting machine gun with a pen laser pointer taped to the side so accurately that it hits you right in the neck or head every time! I gave up on the no guns thing awhile ago. It's like they were born to be warriors, fighters for some bigger purpose. Don't judge me. I got tired of calling the water GUNS, water sprayers. We all know they are guns, and who can't live an Okanagan summer without them?

I'm glad my hubby is cleaning off my computer, and I'm not talking dust. There are so many duplicate files, downloaded games and junk on there. I am going to have huge giga mega hippo bytes of space by tomorrow! See you really should get your husband to quit work every now and then, you would be amazed the energy they have for household jobs. Work really does take up too much mental space. Oh, what would the world be like if we didn't need money to live? We could all do what our hearts desired, and nothing important would ever get done, but oh the fun and relaxing afternoons we'd have!

Survivor is on soon, I really hope they get rid of that Coach guy, he's about to drive me looney! Do you actually know anyone like that?


We were seriously led astray by our pseudo-nephew Andrew who said the baby was going to be baby "I". It is not Isaac, or Ichabod, Ike (Jacob's favorite), or Ishmael. Baby Jesse came into the world 3 weeks early last night. Welcome Jesse Louis. We love you already and can't wait for some photos of that curly head! Mom and babe are doing fine and we're glad he arrived healthy and pray for a nice content and quiet little boy to add to the quiver :) Images of 3 boys and macaroni fights at the table are still resonating in my mind's eye thanks to Sandi.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Petal to the Metal

OK here's some shots from my first outdoor game last night, which I am still recovering from. I only wanted to post the one to show off our really COOL socks, but Kevin is forcing me to put on others he took, even though I think I look like a TOTAL dork in this one:

I look like I am totally scared of the ball and my face is all distorted in a funny way, but he thinks that it's good because I'm right in the action and it was a good play where I stopped the ball in the midst of 3 white players. I guess it could look like the 2 other white players are totally kicking me and so it would be good reason to shy away. OK and then there's the fact that I can't just put photos of myself on this blog where I look absolutely lovely and there's been some photoshop action :) That would give you all the wrong impression of me, and we're trying to be real here. This is me in the action of life.

OK don't these socks totally rock!

Our sponsor is the Greenery- the local greenhouse so the flowers just totally go with the theme, and I'm all about theme.

Monday, April 20, 2009

No Babies

No piggies were born this weekend. Too bad for us, probably a good thing that the real owners will get to see their pet have babies because they'll enjoy it too. Call us when it happens and we'll be right over! Instead I have a puking boy home today :( Poor baby. Good thing Mommy was here not just Daddy. It's just not the same having Daddy look after you when you're sick, although he's a wonderful Daddy, he'll admit he ain't no nurse, that's why he married one. He is getting good at asking intuitive assessment questions like "Where exactly does it hurt?"... "Did you eat something different?"... "Do you have any pain in the right lower quadrant?"... that and taking a good thermometer reading can get you places! So back to reading our mystery book cuddled up on the couch....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekend Visitors

We are doing a little weekend piggy sitting, you can't imagine how excited the kids are... since the passing of our 2 piggies, I have heard many, many requests for more. They really are the best pet. Can you tell which one is pregnant and might even BIRTH while they are here? Now tell me that wouldn't be exciting? And it'll get on video don't you doubt it!


I found my Easter egg making photos... they were on Erin's camera. Here's a few:

see below for the cracking of these eggs.. I so hate being non-sequential

Absolute Silliness

I think spring has turned our brains a little giddy. But finally we can be outside! Here we are cracking Easter cascarone confetti eggs on each others' heads. Kevin managed to stay behind the camera.

This absolutely makes me howl! Someone gave Erin an old saddle and it has replaced her bike seat! Can you just believe the ideas flowing through that girl's brain?

Look at this facial expression, it makes me smile.

Time spent at the barn is on the rise... that must be cause for some of the giddiness in one of the family members at least.

And still some SERIOUS indoor Lego action...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Friday but Sunday's a Comin'- well it came already

I'm thankful this week. I know my husband doesn't have a job, but it makes you see what's really of value in life. Money does have value for living and stuff, you know like buying food and gas, but it doesn't define who you are. I'm so thankful for:

- my mechanic who fixed our highway break down from 2 weeks ago, after limping it home and driving it for another 2 weeks, he did a miracle for $200 instead of $2000 that the dealership was going to charge!!!... but what do you do when you're traveling? I told him he was a blessing, maybe he needs some cookies tomorrow. He loves Jesus too, so is glad to send the blessings our way this time.
- tulips that are half way up, crocuses and forsythia in bloom
- coffee with my girlfriends this morning just helps you deal with the week. We got to have Jan's sister from Calgary along today, she has 6 siblings in her family and my other girlfriend has 7. I just don't know what that would be like, so they have to share their sisters with me.
- my husband who worked til 11 pm cleaning the carpets so we could get the machine back in time! And it looks amazing, small miracles
- going to the walk-in clinic this morning and ending up with the Dad of a friend of mine from Bible school looking after me and specializing in my issue of late - I have plantar fasciitis, but that's not on my thankful list for today. I'll work on it, but I might have to quit my outdoor soccer team and we have the cutest socks! I will have to show you!!
- having to work some overtime on the weekend at double time and a half :)
- my dog that seems to be so much better behaved lately, if not I might have to strangle him- he's been confined by Kevin fixing the fence- see all the things that are getting done without him having a "job".
- the kids started soccer this week and both have great coaches this year (that isn't us by the way, we're taking a break) and great team members from last year, we love watching them play
- healthy, happy kids
- my neighbor and walking friend comes home from India in 3 weeks!
- girl friend weekend is just over a month away :)
- salsa, oh I love salsa, the pantry is getting low, but the tomato seedlings are starting!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh My Blogginess

I know I even missed blogging about Easter! I will have to do some catch up but it won't be today... we're renting the Rug Dr. and cleaning the carpets. I know that sounds SUPER exciting but it's been on the TO DO list for more than a year... photos upcoming...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby "I"

By the way, Kari is having a boy, I don' t think it's a secret. We're calling him Isaac because we don't know his name yet even though he has one and we couldn't get it out of the boys who already know. We asked and asked them and all they would say is I.


I realized I didn't ever post any pics from our little weekender to Everett 2 weeks ago. We had a great time- despite that fact that 2 hours after arriving Kevin phoned to say he lost his job... It was so good to see my dear sweet sister-friend and my pseudo-nephews and remember what day to day life is with toddlers :) OH the joy of afternoon nap!!

Spring was late there too, I hardly even saw any daffodils even! I was expecting her magnolia tree to be in full blossom and was sorely disappointed.

Here's Jacob and the boys doing what boys do best, watch morning cartoons.:

Me and the chihuahua Pico de Gallo (check your Spanish on that one)

Doing what ladies do best.. chatting in the kitchen, my sweet friend with... oh that sweet belly:

Heading down to the ocean for some good rock throwing, splashing, and train watching:

Pico got a little scared and defensive with the 6 other big dogs at the beach playing fetch, good thing Erin had a warm jacket to snuggle in:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Love this Man!

Kevin has some great new shots on his blog !

What Kind of Joke is this?

What kind of cruel April 2nd joke is this?? I could feel it in the air last night on my way home from my evening shift at 11:30 (done work for the week this was my 4th shift- God is really looking after us), but didn't want to believe it could be true! And He sent this lovely gift this morning too, it actually is quite pretty, but just not so pretty in April as it would be in January. I know all you Alberta folks are thinking oh PLEASE after your 10 inch dump last week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

It's always a good time to stop the stress of life and pull some good pranks. Sort of didn't think about it until 10:00 last night, but my boy has some blue toe nails that he hasn't noticed yet. Erin was awake still so we couldn't paint the mustache on that we had planned or the tattoos. Jacob woke up with the mustache drawing and was very insulted, but also half asleep. Good thing I did check my alarm clock last night because someone had changed the time to an hour ahead!! I wonder how the kids will like the aluminum foil layer in the their sandwiches at lunch.

We got pranked too with pee (yellow water) on the toilet seat, frogs jumping down the hallway, the sound of my pants ripping when I bent over to pick up a loonie on the floor, dogs in the bed, and spoons not coming out of the drawer.

Any other good ones out there in your day?