Tuesday, October 16, 2012


September and half of October have been a blur of activity, learning a new job (still in progress), school and grad activities and meetings, soccer, volleyball, board meetings, picking fruit, trying to keep up with some new ministry things, and attempting to keep supper on the table most nights.  When things just drop on your lap, and you feel them fully, and you know you can't say no because they are just right there on the edge of your heart and so much YOU, I know it had to be a God thing.  That's happened 3 times this month, so I'm praying for the strength to not be overwhelmed by them all, that His strength has to provide for what He's given me.  It feels like so much blessing all at once! My heart, my mind, and my schedule are so full and rich!  I just can't imagine a better, more full life, but fall into bed with sleep heavy on my eyes, before I hit the pillow most nights.  Just ask Kevin, he's jealous of my ability to do that.

We had fun last weekend watching the girls play. What a fun bunch! 

In other news... Jacob has grown an inch and slept 15 hours on Saturday.  The growing didn't all happen on Saturday :)  Here it comes!  You know what I'm talking about!

I love my students, well almost all of them :)  Brings back tender memories of those university days.