Friday, March 23, 2012

Facebook is great for screening potential tenants

Today I got yelled at by a 22 year old on the phone...  She was a young lady I'd talked to several times on the phone about renting our duplex, and seemed super nice, if not a little eager.  Her boyfriend was driving out from AB and could he take a look at it?   We had hoped it would work out and made a few concessions if we liked them and they liked the place.  We had some reservations, like, they are just coming out til the end of September to race cars.  After meeting said boyfriend and 2 friends who loved the back deck and BBQ area A LOT,  we really got the impression they were out here looking for somewhere to crash and party for the summer, and we weren't interested, oh ya, and they don't have jobs. During this decision process, I got another phone call from potentially dream tenants with JOBS, who gave me their blog address to check them out!!  YAY!  They just finished a 4 month trip to Costa Rica.  So I called Girl #1 and told her we had decided to take the other couple.  She was disappointed, but hung up, not 1/2 hour later calling me back to vent,  tell me how "pissed off" she was, and how dare I take her boyfriend's SIN#  to do a credit check.  "I might find things on there I don't like".... umm isn't that the point? 

Who does that?  Yells at a grown woman she hasn't met, who she's trying to make a good impression on?  It makes me sad.  That there seem to be many among this next generation who haven't been taught proper manners, let alone good decision making skills, how to relate to people.  How does what seemed like a nice girl (although she didn't seem quite that way after phone call #2) end up with a guy that can't look you in the eye,  wants to make her take the brunt of responsibility, do all the work, wants to play games and drive cars all summer, and yet she puts up with it?  She does everything to make this happen, except for the spring road trip with his buddies, while she's at home working ready to quit her job for his adventure.

It strikes me concerned for our boys, our young men.  Girls seem to learn to put up a fight, especially once they have children to fight for, but our young men, who is teaching them to be real men? Not just tough guys who spit and play a mean PS3, but real men who stand up for what's right and for truth and for anything that matters?  And these young women who give up everything to feel loved or to have someone?  Who give too much away without receiving the respect they deserve.  And who leaves all their facebook settings and photos completely public?

My wise boy says, this is why we need youth group, "to show them", a different way.  Those who weren't so blessed to grow up with good role models or strong families that teach them love, that talk about life and to think about others.  This is why we let them mess up our houses, keep us up all night and eat our food.  To show them a different way.  It helps me push on to be loving, caring.... for our teenagers, our young families, someone who needs a word of encouragement along their way.


Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

That's sad - in so many ways. I love when people have public facebook pages ... I check out my kids' classmates and friends all the time just to make sure the parent face matches the friend face.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Scary. Good for you in the rental dept though.