Thursday, April 19, 2012


Inspired to actually write something on here, because I "won" the Sunshine award from my sweet friend blogger.  She is not a "crafter", because I think crafters make sort of quick, easy stuff with a glue gun;  she is a seamstress, an artist, amazing with the needle and thread, check her out.  She's also the most spit fire and fun you can fit into a little 5 foot body.  We always said we'd share our body features which are entirely opposite, she could have a bit more of my height and my boobs.  I don't know what I was supposed to get from her...

Lately these days run into moments and multitudes of tasks.  Hardly a moment to myself.  It's just this 2 weeks really, but it has felt a bit endless in the just keep going, just keep going....  I am so thankful that normally my life has more space, a little more margin to breathe than this April has been. I know that single Moms face this kind of life all the time, pushing, pushing, always just giving a little more than they have.   It's also a lot of fun packed into the hours.  Soccer starting involving endless e-mails, in-laws visiting, trip to Vancouver, feeding 10 girls all weekend, a birthday, another tournament, a night out with some young women, parent teacher interviews, ripping down a fence, grocery shopping again, a quick and lovely one hour lunch squeezed in with some girlfriends.  When did that become something we had to squeeze in?  Those are priorities and what re-fuels our souls and makes us feel connected, like someone else is traveling the same path.

Some sweet April moments:
Easter Paska bread, oh MY!  If you haven't, you must!

 Family :) An Easter Sunday walk.  Jacob makes this photo hilarious I think.

 This was right before Ditto went sprinting across the green and into the pond.  
Good thing there were no nearby golfers.

Planted my sweet peas, they are one of my most favorite flowers, and will be extra special this year in memory of an amazing Mom and fellow gardener.

Sunset in Chilliwack

 Spring is coming!!!  I couldn't be happier about that!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Good to hear from you again. I hope there are sweet peas all over this summer.

Keitha said...

Ahhhh you are so funny! I just love you a whole bunch! And yes, you were supposed to get anything of my body-type that you wanted... although there is not a whole lot to offer! You always had WAY more to offer: blonde hair, gorgeous bod and height... alas... this little Irish girl doesn't have a whole lot to offer: but SPIT! Ha! Looks like you have been just as busy as myself! Once things calm down, we need to "squeeze in" a one hour lunch - don't you think? Didn't know that Sweet Peas were one of yer faves! Must take notes! I need to make your Easter bread. You are such a great chef - you little "Foody" you! xxoo