Thursday, August 1, 2013

Keepin' it Real

I'm taking Erin in for an ECG tomorrow, nothing worrisome, just a work up.  Her heart rate has been running a bit high, for someone as athletic as she is isn't great.  Absolutely no symptoms though!!  And she thinks I'm being overly dramatic, but I didn't order the test, or tell her that a little salt in her diet might be a good thing to bring up that 100/60 BP.  Here's hoping it just the heat and a bit of dehydration.  She was down in Osoyoos cooking in the camp kitchen all last week in 40 degrees and has been seriously training.  She has a 28 day protocol to follow til training camp starts in August, so maybe that's all it is.

Jacob is always the best about keeping it real.  His prayer at dinner:
                       "Dear God,  Bless Erin's heart.  Help her to find a guy that won't break it."  Amen

In other reality, I have a washing machine (and dryer) hooked up again.  It's been out for almost a week or 2 while we've been tiling downstairs.  Good thing it's summer and you can wear the same thing every day if you want :)

Here's the before.... well during, we had already stripped the red paint off the floor.  It was very cool when I did that 9 years ago, better than grey concrete, but so done with it.

 Looking downstairs from upstairs (obviously).  We took out part of a wall in the hall there and also changed the layout of the closet space. Basically a big mess.

My hard working man at his evening job...  laying lots of tile...  It looks so awesome!  I painted everything and it brightens it all up down there.  It's getting close to finished!  I wish I could leave it empty!

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bigcanadiangirl said...

Oh my. What happened with the ECG? Everything ok. I need to check your blog more often. I LOVE that Jacob said he hopes Erin will find someone who won't break her heart. Love that boy!