Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Word of the Year

2015.  Here you are already!

You've probably heard of people picking a Word of the Year instead of New Year's resolutions that in my mind are just a big set up for failure.  I love the idea.  A way to just grasp what your overall dream for this year is.  Where you want to head.

So when thinking about choosing my word for the year, the ones that came to mind right away that are what my life is about were words like:

RESPONSIBILITY  ......  OBLIGATION (like cooking dinner every night)  .....  LOYAL  ......  PEACEFUL   .......
but those words felt like they were dragging me down ...

But you also want to have some cool word to anticipate what your year is going to be like such as:

FUN   ......   LAUGHTER  ......  FRIENDSHIP   ..... TRAVEL ......  STRENGTH

Or the ones I had thought about really taking on because we've been talking about some things we'd like to really do this year are:

ADVENTURE  .....  OUTDOORS    ........  AUDACIOUS   ..........

What do you think you want for 2015?  I am so content with so many things about where life is right now and want to stop, not change, not expect anything big and new to come on me, just rest in enjoying the moments I have, and the fleeting time with teenagers, enjoying a pretty new to me job still and doing it better.  Really walk along the paths in front of me right now, and be more faithful in the small things.

So have you thought of a word?  I'd love to hear it.

Doing some reading and contemplating, one word kept appearing in so many places for me, and when that happens you kind of pay attention, take notice and wonder what the tie in is. So I'm not all sure what this means and where it is all going, but there is some anticipation in it, like waking up on a new morning, getting the fog out of your eyes and not knowing what the day could hold. 


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