Sunday, April 12, 2015


A few of us took a Sunday morning stroll down some side road.  There seemed to be a lot of action, mostly motor bikes/dirt bikes heading in the direction.  I saw the cleats suing over someone's shoulder and figured it out.  Back in the bush in the middle of nowhere was a soccer field and a boisterous game of football.  Red vs. yellow.  They had to dodge the odd chicken on the field, but definitely had some serious skill.  We watched for a bit and headed back for lunch.

We spent the afternoon unpacking and sorting about 16 suitcases that were full of some essential OR equipment and a lot of donated supplies.  A few of us spent some time setting up the OR and making sure the anaesethetic equipment was working, as well as the ECG and vitals monitoring equipment.  Stuff was divided up into pre-op, OR, post-op and outpatient supplies.  The docs spent some time doing consults to set up the schedule for the next few days.  Sounds like Monday is gall bladders.   Cindy from Wisconsin and I will be responsible to recover the patients and look after the post-op until we leave for the day and the local staff will take over for the night shift.  There is one surgeon here for a large number or people and the back log is severe, as well they do only more simple procedures.  We can't do any orthopedic cases because they don't have an x-ray machine.

Up at 0630 tomorrow, the internet is quite slow so don't know if I can post photos. 

We went to church this evening, and they asked the gringos to get up and sing.  What can you do?  You can't refuse!

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