Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Hunting we will go

So today was the big day for one of my favorite Christmas traditions! We did our annual Christmas tree cut down in the "wilderness". I know it's early! Since the next 2 weekends are full for us, we figured it was now or it would be December 15th, and we all know what day that is! So off we went into the great outdoors and since there isn't much snow yet, only had to drive about 30 minutes.

We have had quite few adventures with the annual Christmas tree hunt since the tradition began for me the year I joined the family back when Kevin and I were dating and he face planted into a snowbank and I caught it on camera. Many waist deep snow piles have been forged and rainy adventures survived when we lived in Washington, to the year we got stopped up the mountain by a tree on the road only to be rescued by real prepared men with their chainsaws. And the year George was hanging off the side of a cliff in pouring rain getting the "perfect tree". Then there was the year 4 other families joined us for the ice slide down the hill backwards in our vehicles - something we care to not repeat. Then we got to see a motorhome do the same thing right beside our campfire, before it caught on fire and bullets inside started exploding. Lars got his photos on the news for that one!

2 years ago Kevin was in his leg cast and looked through binoculars from the road at the trees we were pointing at out in the forest to be included in the choices. Today was less eventful in terms of fire engines, but was a beautiful mild day. It was Ditto's first look at ice and a skiff of snow. We tromped over hill and dale and bush-wacked a fair bit, only to find our Christmas tree right by where the van was parked on the way back. The kids had to wrestle a few weiners away from Ditto, and both cut down their own little trees for their bedrooms. We all came home tired, happy and full of hot chocolate.


The Dukes Family said...

I love that you have that tradition! It sounds so fun ... and adventurous!

Sharon Drew said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I figured it out!! I'm officially registered!! I love your photos.
We went Christmas tree "hunting" today also. Got a little one that we'll decorate in case the "other" family is in our house for Christmas.