Monday, November 26, 2007

We are ready to free the dog!

Sweet as he may look, he is very naughty. After installing the underground fence and having little Ditto trained to stay within it's boundaries or he gets a "slight correction" from his collar, we lovingly call it the ZAP, he has decided that freedom is better than the zap. So he just takes it, walks right on through, receives the zap and runs free chewing up neighbors garbage, jumping on small children and generally making all our neighbors love us! So on Friday Kevin and I installed the temporary chain link fence which is quite secure in our minds but not as expensive as buying all the posts and parts to the fence. So somehow Mr. Escapist has managed to get past the second layer of defense. We put the spies out after supper but of course then he wouldn't show them the way he was using to escape, so now we wait and decide how much we really want a dog.... or would he rather be FREE of our family entirely??

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The Dukes Family said...

What a bummer! My parents' dog used to take the shock as well just so she could go visiting ... they turned it up a bit (after getting advice from a trainer) and she stopped doing it. Ditto must really want to run if she's going through a fence too. I hope you find a solution.