Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Totally Romantico

OK so we totally splurged (that's why I'm working this week-heehee) on a boating excursion when we were in Mexico. We went out on "Rhythms of the Night". It took us (and 100 other people) across the bay on an hour and half boat ride along the marina, harbor, waterfront of the whole city and then across the bay to this secluded beach only accessible by boat. They had drinks and appetizers on the way, and the crew was really entertaining and informative but not overbearing, lots of good laughter. And they played a really great mix of music - Tara would have approved. There was also some lovely moments of peace and quiet. Here we are on the boat:

Then we arrived at the beach and they had native drums beating and the only light was candlelight and torches all along the pier and the shore line. They took us up the hill all lit by candles (so you really don't see everyone else), to this amazing stage where we watched an "Aztec wedding". It was so professional and amazing, the music was phenomenal, then they took us down to these individual tables for 2 all nestled among the rocks and shoreline and candelit and served us this amazing dinner! That was totally a run on sentence, but tell me you didn't notice. We were right at the end of the shoreline, so really felt like we were alone and secluded. Then we went back across the bay on the boat for about a 40 minute ride straight across with romantic music playing and they turned off all the lights and let people dance on top of the boat's upstairs deck. Even the bathrooms were pretty, with little glass lanterns and candlelight- no electricity. I love glass lanterns! Be careful where you sit so you don't catch yourself on fire!

It was totally cool! None of my pictures turned out, it's kind of hard to capture candelight if you're a photographer like me :) But here's one that the couple near us took, and we returned the favor. Just being neighborly :) Look at my tan, it's almost gone! I love this man!

Another "romantico" moment- being the only ones on this beach- we didn't have our swimsuits along because we'd taken a bus up here and didn't know we'd find THIS!! Oh well.... this is a family blog.


Randi said...

The boat cruise sounds amazing. The deserted beach was just calling for skinny dipping ... don't tell me you missed your moment. You're married - you're allowed to do that! :)

Linda said...

This is a family blog!