Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jesus Made me An Omelette

It's totally true he did!! It was Thursday morning at the"eggs any style" grill. Jesus makes some good eggs. I will really be missing being served a great meal 21 times in the last week that I didn't have to cook!

I have so much to tell, but the week was wonderful! I highly recommend a week away with your husband when you've been married 15 years! It felt like this whole other world, so peaceful and full of new adventures and relaxation, and hoping that my tan won't fade by tomorrow. I'll be posting photos soon to give you a glimpse into our 2nd honeymoon. We even were called "honeymooners", but I think mostly it was by vendors trying to butter us up for some high pressure sales.

And-- it's so good to be home and loved and welcomed by excited kids and Gramma at 6am at the airport! They are committed! I can definitely do without the cold though :) That is very traumatic!

And thankful to God that everything went as perfectly as it could have! We made it after all the events leading up to the day, and everyone stayed safe at home.

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Randi said...

I'm so glad you got to go!