Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm mad at the US government

In case you missed my facebook status from yesterday, I thought I'd elaborate on the latest. Things were looking good on the unemployment scene for Kevin. We had decided he'd take the summer off, and really he did. He got working on a few websites, one for his company and the other to display his photography... for sale. He's had more and more people tell him lately that his work is amazing! It's sort of more of an experiment at the moment. He hasn't applied for a single job, and by September, rumors were starting that they would need him back, which is sort of what we had hoped for and were trying to just wait it out. Now as of yesterday, the company in Portland has had a military audit in the summer and is not allowing any foreigners who work for the company to have access to anything that might be at all related to some of the military contracts that the company has done or is doing. Because it is a US based company, this will make it difficult for them to in essence hire him back as a "new" contractor. Had he still been working there, it may not have mattered, but the timing seems very strange. So we hope that something can work around these new regulations, because apparently they are so busy now and have gotten behind since all the layoffs that they have more work than they can do.

We watched an interesting documentary last night on the Lost Boys of Sudan, "God Grew Tired of Us", and it certainly gives us so much perspective on suffering. We don't suffer one bit. Imagine 5, 6, 7 year old boys walking across 2 African countries, running from violence, and maybe never seeing family again, or knowing they have all been killed. They, 12000 of them, ended up living in refuge camps in Kenya for 10 years, with no hope of work, or future. Not knowing ever what their lives would become. We have friends from church here that are moving to Uganda with their 4 children, to help build a school/camp for just such kids, child soldiers, lost children, ones with no help and no family. My heart aches for them. For the cause of children with no love, no homes. And what can we do from so far, caught up in our own lives and busy struggles here. I read recently that if you make more than $25000 a year, you are richer than 90% of the world. We are the rich, we are the wealthy, we are the ones who complain the most about not having things. One of the men on this documentary was taken as a refuge into USA and he just could not figure out our Christmas. What is with the trees? and the lights? and Santa? Yes, they were beautiful, but what was the meaning of them? Back at home, on Christmas Eve, he says, we just dance and sing and celebrate the birth of Jesus. We are so happy for that day, the day we welcome HIM to earth and into our hearts. And he continued to work 3 jobs to send money to his long lost mother of 17 years that was living in Uganda.


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Okay, that is disappointing. Sounds like there's still some hope though?
I agree about the suffering thing. We have no idea. Sometimes I feel guilty using up my prayers on my wedding business when this kind of thing goes on.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I'll bet a CIA agent somewhere has already seen your blog and is investigating you based on that title.

Sandra said...

Ooooh. If the CIA hunts you down be SURE to blog about it!

I'm humbled by your reminder of our wealth today (it's been a complaining day, for sure). Thanks for getting me back on track.

Randi said...

You're so right ... we're blessed abundantly but can't always see it. I do hope that Kevin's job situation clears up soon though.