Monday, October 19, 2009


Well, I am still mad at the US gov't for making my life so difficult. The policies are still making it very difficult for them to "hire" outside of the country. And KD would be a NEW hire even though he has worked for them for 7 years, because of the temporary cessation of services. What timing!! So really we don't know where things stand at the moment. He's getting a bit more avid in his searches elsewhere now that what we thought was about 95% sure around the start of Sept. is now looking rather dim. We're praying, but not as avidly as we should. We feel frustrated and not very directed by God, and would like some more clear vision, so you can pray to that end. Through it, we want to remain faithful, on the object of our faith. So we really seek new joy in our faith journey, eyes to look at the bigger picture, and contentment in the moments. And we're hoping for positive response from one particular resume in town here!

So, some good moments.... 3 volleyball matches and 4 edge of your seat action soccer games this weekend. It's fun to see the kids excel at some things they are good at. We've have been so BLESSED this year by fabulous coaches who really LOVE the kids. Erin's coach, friends of ours from church, are having a big wind up party there tonight for the girls :) Erin got invited to a birthday party on the weekend, she was thrilled, it's been awhile since she'd been invited out somewhere so fun. Middle school girls and the drama are really getting to us, so we slog through and hope we, but mostly her, come out the other side with self esteem intact. And I think of all the girls and friends I know that I hurt during those years and never had a clue at the time! I'm so sorry friends. And all the hurts that happened that were so big then, that were a result of other people. Hormones magnify the emotions! I am all about inclusion!!! This exclusion business is good for no one!

Good moments...
"Mommy, I love you".
"Hey, guess what, I'll be driving in a year and a half, if we move to AB, I can start now"
**Leftover cheesecake from my Mom's visit that I forgot about in the freezer
** a really great group of girls meeting Monday mornings for Beth Moore, with lots of toddler and baby noises in the background (gee I'm glad I'm past that stage, and can be assumed to be the older wiser one- haha- what do they know?) "No Mommy, this (toy power saw) isn't noisy"
** soccer season is over... sigh :)


Sandra said...

Go Mum. :) I'll pray.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I will pray.

Randi said...

Sorry the job thing is slow going. Praying for you guys.