Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday morning in the ER

I can't handle all the injuries we've been having around here. Erin's event last weekend, me doing a nice twist and slide that's made the ice pack my friend all week, and this morning's trip to ER with Jacob. Tuesday he came home with sore ribs from running into metal bars on the playground during a rousing game of tag. We've been icing them and all seems well. Last night he and Daddy went skiing, had a minor tumble, and this morning he twisted his body, heard a crack and starting screaming. I figured an x-ray was in order, so off we went. Verdict, nothing broken, maybe some bruised ribs (my nurse friend who was working this morning thinks a torn intercostal muscle), but after chest and abdominal x-rays, the Dr. advised a good cleaning out for a FULL bowel. So here we sit and wait. :) I know too much information. Little boys :)


Kevin said...

Good luck Jacob on #2!!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

How's the boy tonight?

Randi said...

Oh man. That won't be pretty. Glad the ribs are okay.