Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thankful again

I've missed gratitude Monday on virtual paper the past few weeks, but in my am trying to practice it more often in my mind, when I feel distracted, frustrated (which seems often these days), empty, or directionless, like this morning:

133. simple sermons that aren't profound, but still Holy Spirit filled
134. Jesus coming to life, and hope that we look for it more each day
135. old friends that visit and don't need explaining, it's easy to just BE together
136. daffodils opening up
137. the ease with which we had our own children, when so many suffer with waiting
138. a great looking roster of soccer boys to play with this season as I assistant coach with KD
139. a spontaneous invitation to Easter dinner! We loved being invited somewhere instead of most often doing the inviting.

holy experience

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Randi said...

We got invited out for Easter dinner this year too ... a huge thing since I usually do the inviting and can't remember the last holiday when I didn't cook. Love that!