Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Way too Busy...

I have always been someone who never thought it was a great response to the question, "So, how are you?"  to hear the answer, "So busy!".  What is the deal with that?  People always seem to elevate themselves to some sort of self importance just because they are "so busy".   It's a choice.   You can choose how much you allow into your life, how much you want to involve yourself in.  But I have always wanted to be one whose life is full with people, with love, with being involved with others.

Well lately I've been too busy.  So I can criticize my own self for that, I've fallen into my own trap. But I still don't want to answer the question that way.  It's still a choice ~ that I didn't finish my Bible study reading til half an hour before it happened, but watched an hour of TV last night.  Or that I couldn't get that phone call made to my mother-in-law, but was able to sneak in some other time wasters.

I figured you were all tired of volleyball posts, but that is one thing we've been busy with, the last 2 weekends away in Vancouver. Dear Missy inadvertently gave me permission this morning to post more, with her comment of how she's loving following the volleyball posts :)  So here's to our 4th in the province ranked girls!  Woohoo!! 

The girls had a steady match against Prince George and were 2 points behind both entire games and won both by a narrow margin heading us into the top 8.

We met up with Whiterock Seaside Surf, who barely beat us in the bronze match last weekend 27-25, and beat them handily in the game 2 and 3 after them slamming us 25-13 in game 1, putting us into the top 4.  What an exciting match!

It's so nice being the B team, because there are no expectations, and if you do well, everyone is happy, if not a bit surprised.  The A team are coached by the UBCO women's team coach and have a lot of pressure to perform, as it seems obvious they are being 'groomed' for post-secondary volleyball careers.  They have so much expectation to live up to and it's hard for them.  They came in a disappointing 10th this weekend.


We knew there wasn't much hope against the Coquitlam Ducks, the 1st ranked team, but the girls put in a good showing getting 25-19, compared the last time we played them back in Feb.  This is a big team with a triple block on most plays!

Don't worry I won't take up sports commentating as a career.


missy said...

*Sigh* Erin you look beautiful when you hit - I always wanted to spike the ball like that but it never looked as good as I thought it did in my head! My stomach is in knots just watching your videos - I'm going to HAVE to come watch your games next season!! Congratulations on 4th place at Provincials - that's hard work paid off!!

Randi said...

Sounds like Erin's had a great season!

I agree about the busy-ness being a matter of priorities but I also know that with all the kids having their own activities my life is far more busy than I'd like it. And there's nothing I can cross off unless I take away their activities. I think it's just that season of life.