Thursday, June 23, 2011


So I bought a 5 pound bag of limes on a whim at Costco, of course, they were cheap and I love limes, but not as much as Kevin does.
5 pounds is a lot of limes.  So I've been scouring for recipes and have found a few yummies!

Lemon Lime Mist is a keeper, I omitted the tropical flowers for obvious reasons. You have to buy club soda in cans though, it goes flat way too fast in a 2L. And... Oh my! Erin has an addiction to the "My Baking Addiction" blog and it's amazing ~ and these Chewy Lime Sugar Cookies are to die for!  I had 3 as soon as I came home and found them cooling on the stove on parchment!  My girl uses parchment! It's no wonder I can't lose any weight, I love cookies, they are my downfall.  Oh shoot, I just went to the home page and she's featuring cherry pie filling - that season will be soon upon us!  I'm furiously trying to empty my freezer of last year's still.  Thus you last night BBQ attenders had cherry pie!  I still have 2 more in there!!

Oh TOTAL CRAZY, I need to try these!!!  Who's coming over?  I need some mint Randi!  Come on over!

Sorry I got a little excited!  It's sort of like the first day of summer for me!! And limes remind me of Mexico!  Our trip down the Baha in 2004!  Already that long ago!  We ate a lot of limes, but mostly in guacamole! When we were there, we spent some days with Erma Fennel.  What an amazing lady working with the poor in Vicente Guerrero! She died walking to church this past Easter morning, what a great day to go! Makes me think of my list of things I still want to do in life and it's not getting any shorter!
The girl commentating this video looks so familiar, hmmm..... where have I seen her before?  one of my closest girlfriends photographed her wedding! Small world. 
This is such a totally random post!

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