Saturday, July 30, 2011

Almost August

I know my blogging has been fairly pathetic as of late, but it's summer;  I've been super lazy, not very introspective or profound, am I ever?  And just really not having a lot to say, tired and just doing a lot of nothing.  I just figure sometimes we need days with no agenda, no projects, watching movies in the afternoon if we feel like it, eating ice cream for dinner if we want, sleeping in late, although that has NOT been happening near enough!  Days when it doesn't matter that I haven't washed the floors since before we went on holidays, and that there are weeds taking over some places.  And this is our first summer since we've lived here that we don't have any company coming!  Really what is with that?  Come on Albertans!

I do want to send you some Oregon love from the real photographers in the family.  Things that are beautiful in nature make me so happy! 
"Nature is not God but God revealing the weight of Himself, all His glory, through the looking glass of nature"..  Ann Voskamp
Here are a few, sit and enjoy, don't wash your floors, sip an ice cold bevvy and enjoy your day!  Compliments of KD

 I love his expression

 It was a little windy, totally posed!

 My little red head is getting more strawberry blonde all the time

 This is awesome! SOOC
 I totally LOVE this shot!
 She makes me howl!

 Nothing better than a shot like this, reminds me of stormy clouds over golden Alberta wheat fields.

 Me and my girl

Amazing in the storm, I would have liked to see it sunny at this spot, but the misty dark photos were so cool!


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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Awesome shots KD. Looks like you had a good time together.