Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Thousand Gifts

Thankful hearts abound:

272. Dark, rolling thunder clouds letting down rain and then bright sunshine pouring through making that dark, green golden hour of stunning light
273. Summer... days of lazying and not worrying about getting  any of IT done
274. Long time friends coming and always picking up right where we left off
275. 21 years of friendship that is more like sisters
276. My real sister by marriage home from surgery in Vancouver
277. Cut garden flowers spilling over vases
278. Sore muscles from a good soccer game and my knee feeling good again
279. Raspberry crisp from home grown berries!!  Second batch in the oven.
280. 7 ladies for lunch and laughter, I love having people in my home
281. Cleaning out sandboxes for little boys to visit and maybe big boys to play in still once in awhile
282.  Jacob being at camp and hoping for a list of great stories when he's home tomorrow
283.  People who give and love into our kids' lives
284.  A happy dog who gives us so much fun and giggles