Monday, October 10, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!  We had a quiet day today at home, listening to the rain outside most of the day and smelling turkey as it roasted  and pumpkin pie, yet to be savored. We were our quiet, OK maybe not so quiet, 4 since our usual family guests are in Vancouver this weekend.  We were happy with that today.  I'm in a bit of an anti-cooking mood lately anyways, wishing dinner would just appear on the table some evenings of late...  wouldn't that be amazing?

The kids are boycotting my annual Thanksgiving tradition of writing our gratitudes on a paper leaf.  We have done it the last 6 or 7 years, we can't stop now! Can we?  Maybe it was me telling Jacob he couldn't write "food, water, Ditto" this year again.  I'm only trying to expand their thinking.  I guess the house is just full of math/science geeks and I should embrace it, my own self included.  :)  Maybe they could all write a math equation instead of words.

Well... sharing our thanks on a Monday with others :

308. Kevin working, it's been almost a year since he's been back at it after the 18 month "break", and we're more grateful everyday for a great job that he enjoys, and provides for us and more.
309. Sunny, fall days
310. New friends, that we feel like we've known forever, and should have. I think the boys/men are somehow each others' missing twin, or triplet? 
311. My ladies ~ can't wait to start Tuesdays with you tomorrow morning, been missing it so much! Will be missing 1 of you though even more.
312. Pumpkin anything!
313. 4 weeks into Boot camp, not loving the during, but the after feels good
314. A new house for my sister in law, can't wait to see it and spend Christmas there!
315. Flannel sheets
316. Picking grapes at the orchard yesterday from our old friend Bert
317. Free apples from my neighbor orchardist
318. All the wonderful people in our life!  Thank you for being one of them.


Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sometimes those family-only dinners are the best.

I love your list of things.

Meliss said...

Oh I'm missing you guys too! Jan promised she would invite me when there is less structure...Remember...its only for a time! Just feeling the need for plenty of Emily time...she is feeling my working. It was the right choice for now...BUT NOT FOREVER!