Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beautiful "Legs" and feet

 I had the joy... and sorrow... of attending a celebration of the finished life of an amazing woman, who has an amazing daughter that I am privileged to call friend.  Though I didn't know "Legs" well, it was obvious how many lives she had touched.
The event was gorgeous in spirit and beauty, surrounded by one of her loves, flowers and the garden. Everything was decorated in white, with white roses, hydrangeas and babies breath, with just a pop of red.  It was a celebration of life well lived and looking to a future of heaven.

I happen to have a daughter with the same size feet as Legs, and was honored to bring home a BIG surprise in checked baggage for her.  Here's for you Auntie Tawa:
"I am in shoe heaven"

Fortunately, or unfortunately, she seems to have the same GREAT taste in footwear, as the 2 favorites first out of the box were the patent leather high boots bought in Paris, and the Joseph Siebel red leather shoes from San Francisco!  There will be lots of Mrs. Whittaker days around here, and probably the need for a new shoe rack.

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

For Ditto:
Ditto, a new pair of Parisian leather boots live at your house now. If you should feel the urge to chew them, just head on outside and chase birds. Parisian leather does not taste good - just ask Auntie Randi.