Monday, December 12, 2011

Brag Moment

For those of you following Erin's volleyball "career", she had try outs this past week for the Kelowna club team.  She was awesome and she's still worrying that she won't make the team.  She's too cute :)  They go down to only 1 team in the city for this age group, and she's been asked to play up on the U18 grade 12 team instead.  Pretty awesome opportunity!  Most of the team are from the school that won the provincial gold medal last weekend, so she'll be among some amazing players.  She's nervous and excited, doesn't know anyone on the team, so huge learning curve in lots of areas.  Looks like we/she'll be heading to Edmonton for a University/club team tournie the first week of January.  It sounds like an amazing group of girls, there is actually a deaf player on the team and last year 3 of the girls learned sign language so they could communicate better with her.  I find it amazing that this girl is such a gifted athlete in a sport that requires a lot of team communication!

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Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Way to go, Erin! That's awesome!