Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer? Where are you??

I am longing for sunshine!!  My garden is overcome with weeds.  I 'm tired of the van smelling like wet and stinky soccer gear.  Erin and I spent the day yesterday at Skaha Beach in Penticton, soaking up the.... pouring rain!  She attended a Pro Beach event. Super fun, minus the flooding and rain.  They had to stop the tournament for about 20 minutes for lightning coming up the lake.  Not too safe with all the metal net standards and tent awnings.  But they carried on shortly after.  So glad I threw in that umbrella and rain coat at the last minute!  This was at the peak of rainyness!

Her and her partner (not her usual partner) came in 9th out of 14 teams and even beat a couple women's teams.  There were a few pairs from their 17U Summer Games training team that went along as well to even out their competition.  I didn't get a shot of them completely muddy at the end of the day.

Answer to the last post quiz (I know you're dying to know)  1. Kevin 2. Jacob  3. Erin  4. Me

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Oh my, you are a very good Mama!