Thursday, June 28, 2012

Proud Mom

I'll brag momentarily (well maybe I do that more than momentarily).  Sorry if I bore you.  It just amazes me that God gave me these 2 kids to be the Mom of!!  I'm blessed.

Jacob came home with almost all straight A's on his report card.  I am so proud of this guy because it's been a super challenging year in many ways at school, but academically he's risen to the challenge, getting lots of A's even in English this year.  His teachers love him and his generous, compassionate spirit and he is well respected by his peers, which tells a big story of his heart.

Erin won some awards the other night, mostly science, but also sewing!  I love this photo because out of 400 grade 11s, this is the group that has a 4.0 GPA overall and 9 of them are in her friend group.  They are just a great group of teenagers!!

Out for dinner tonight to celebrate! Oh ya, and yeah another reason to not have to cook!

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Congrats Erin & Jacob!! School's out for summer!!!