Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's Only Fair to Post Some Boys Video too...

I must share some of the awesomeness that U15 boys' volleyball is...  apparently there is a big learning curve this next year, here's hoping.  We were thrilled they pulled off a couple wins in their 0-15 season.  My cute little #4 trying his hardest:

Here they are in their fancy black jerseys in case you got confused.

And here's my sweet friend and I totally paying attention while score keeping this match.  I think we got reprimanded,  but he was only like 21, so I'm not sure.  I'm loving the double chin at this angle.  It's hard to score keep and try to take video simultaneously, good thing I had Dawn to keep me in check, and several trips to the closest coffee shop.

And the coach.. showing off his best side again (sweet friend's husband)

And in other exciting news.... the braces came off yesterday!!  Look at those teeth!  And that awesome RSS math t-shirt.  I'm not kidding, who makes a math t-shirt?  But her teacher gave her one!  It says "Math is Cool" on the back, FOR REAL.   Me thinks she is a bit of a what we call  "getting the citizenship award"  ie. brown noser.  Her teacher loves her.
  But I'd give it 2 thumbs up also! I'm sure she'll be wearing it everywhere! (and if you don't know me well enough by now, note: sarcasm)


Keitha @ Booilley said...

Wowsa girl! Looking all hot whilst scoring that volleyball game. Your kids are CUTE too! Good on them for their fancy athleticism... I played volleyball many moons ago and boy did I suck!

bigcanadiangirl said...

Okay Erin, you can at least wear the t-shirt to bed. #4 is awfully cute. I like #7 too.