Saturday, February 14, 2009


I was asked since there is an obvious lack of blogging if it means I am sitting around this week, not treadmilling! Well I guess this week has been a little hectic. A lack of interesting blog material that's for sure. I did clean quite a bit in preparation for the inlaws coming early next week. I also sorted juice boxes at the school one afternoon. I know that's really exciting! I had coffee with some friends on Wednesday. Knitting night was Thursday from a long hiatus since way before Christmas. I think I knit about 4 rows only!! And well I just woke up from a 15 hour sleep! Yesterday I started my new job, I was in a class all day orienting to the computer system. After a little dizzy spell at around 2:30, I almost asked the instructor if I could go home. I have only ever called in sick once! We were supposed to go til 4:30. At around 2:45, she said, well I think we're done here for the day! I could have kissed her! I quickly gathered my things, probably rudely avoiding the chit chat, and headed home straight to bed. I slept for 3 1/2 hours, woke up to my sweet husband who had taken Erin to riding lessons and picked up supper on the way home. I stayed up for maybe 2 hours and then crawled back into my hole for another 12 hours waking several times in the night smokin' hot. I can't remember the last time I had a fever. That's sort of a kid thing isn't it? This day is lookin' pretty slow... don't know that there'll be any special Valentine's brunch from this Mommy. I'm hoping that no one else gets it!! It sucks, I know we're not supposed to use that word in the house :) By the way I am laying down typing this. Maybe tomorrow I'll be back to the computer treadmill :) I am thankful for a nice warm bed, for a cloudy day to do nothing and that most normal days I don't have to deal with body aches and pains like a lot of people do. I'll be keeping my eyes and ears peeled for something interesting to tell you next time.

By the way, Kevin has picked up the pace and has been walking and working for at least 2 hours a day! He's not sure why his legs are a little achy... hmmm.... Good job honey!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Feel better soon.

Sandra said...

Get better quick, Linda. Until then, here's to cozy blankets and doting family.

Randi said...

Hope you feel better quickly!