Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2nd Annual Girls' Weekend

In honor of Tara's upcoming 40th birthday, we had our official celebrations this past weekend (only because Randi can't fly in August and be 8 months pregnant at the same time). I don't know what I do to deserve these wonderful women in my life, or the wonderful man who lets me go away for 5 days, and the wonderful ocean view we enjoyed all weekend in the amazing house we got to stay in!!! It's all gift!

We spent a lazy afternoon sitting on the deck, getting caught up, and making new memories. We looked over to the side and found a lazy lemon tree just growing lemons for us to pick-- only in California!

A little bit of shopping, some walking on the beaches, eating dinner out and YES I did go for a swim in the Pacific too! It was warmer once you got in than we thought it would be.

( you can't even tell she's pregnant at all!!! lovely little Mama)

We had a really neat visit to the old Catholic mission at San Juan de Capistrano. The old buildings, bell towers and gardens were amazing! Please Lord, don't send me to Mongolia where there is no vegetation, I think I might just die. The bougainvilleas were almost just too much for my plant loving soul!

We took a little stroll through a local farmers' market where we picked up some CA strawberries and some oranges to fresh squeeze juice for breakie the next morning

After a quick Starbuck's trip, we came out to see this parked right behind us. I asked nicely and the much too young man, to own a half million dollar Lamborghini let me touch it :) That photo opp. was for Jacob!

A good surfing shop shot, I'd like to pile into that VW van and drive up the coast. Surfing, not so sure....

Good night Huntington beach. Here's to 20 years of friendship and more great memories!


Randi said...

Aw. That was so fun! Great pictures - send me a CD. I was laughing when I got home ... my camera is full of pictures of you and you obviously have way more pictures of me! Loved spending the weekend with you and I can't wait for the next one.

Earle said...

These are great pics. Thanks for everything. You guys are the best. You're next Lindy Lou.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Oops, that was me, not my Dad.

Linda said...

I was wondering, didn't think your Dad would call me Lindy Lou yet :)