Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a "Honey"

"In the ring now is #28, Erin Drew riding Soleil". And after all the shenanigans of last night and the mighty spooking horse, the morning shines brightly on a new day, a new attitude, and a 3rd place in the individual trot poles class! Erin's coach was most excited because she didn't expect this horse to do anything noteworthy (I guess she wasn't as surprised Erin did OK because she forgot to congratulate her when she ran up to the horse all excited:). She was quite obedient and almost graceful looking. Horses have a barn name and a show name. We call her Honey but her "official" name is Soleil, most of them have even more ostentatious show names.

Everyone getting prettied up and braided. Look at this little fellow, he got the most applause today when he tried to go UNDER the railing around the ring (with rider on board)

Getting a stern talking to before the day begins

Warming up- at 7:30 am - love those green rolling hills...

After a job well done.

The end of a long day!!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Way to go Erin! I had no idea that horses had barn names. Cool!

Sandra said...