Friday, May 8, 2009

Not Enough Time

I'm sitting in the living room of my probably newest friend. She married Kevin's best man, and we've been "facebook" friends since the fall, but now are just waiting for her to get home from work. We hit the road out to AB since Kevin has some time, but the time is just not enough to see everyone we want to see. He did say "we ARE going to Edmonton", and so here we sit.

Yesterday we celebrated Jacob's birthday at the Drew grandparents with DQ cake. We had a swimming party at the wave pool with the cousins, and he'll celebrate with his friends when we get home. He also had another cake at the other Gramma's house with all my family and 2 cousins from Europe that are here visiting for the week. Turning 11 must agree with my boy because he slept til almost 10:00 this morning! I like 11!! Jacob loved the fact that he got to play Wii all evening and the new Dance Revolution that GRAMMA bought! I like watching Kevin's attempts. We took the European cousins to the dinosaur musuem and mused a lot about evolution and what we disagree with. I had some good visiting on the drive and got to know these 2 girls that I have known only in name for my whole life. I gained some new perspectives on my extended family by asking a lot of questions that were fascinating.

I was in the NE and wishing I had time to pop in on you Sandi, but we were heading to the pool party--- next time :)

Can't wait for more girlfriend time in a few weeks when I have my annual (or so) girls' weekend!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

What did Jacob buy with his gift cards?

Randi said...

Sounds like you're having a good time.

Sandra said...

Yay for road trips! No worries about the NE nearness, Linda. We totally get that ~ especially for people like yourselves who have kazillions of friends and family all over. :o)

And Dance Dance Revolution is awesome! Go Gramma!

So happy to see you blogging.