Wednesday, July 29, 2009

13 days...

... the last 13 have been packed full and crazy! 7 working days, 8 days of busy family company and then overlapping with another 5 days of in-laws, as well as planning, cooking for and having Kevin's pretend 40th birthday party with all his side of the family, sending the kids off to Calgary, and then packing up to leave in the morning for a 2 night backpack just the 2 of us. Kevin's been packing for that and about the only thing I've added to the pile is my underwear, so I'm completely trusting him :)

You probably aren't going to hear from me for another 4 days because we'll be gone, then I work again. We'll have a couple free days before the kids come back. And then I'll have lots of photos to post! And then, I have 2 weeks of no work and relaxation and holidays. What happened to July???

The cherries are falling, falling, falling... I hope the birds eat them all while we're away :) It's so sad to see all the top ones from the tree just go to the ground wasted up. I don't want to be one of those cherries :( That's my dramatic comment for this post.

Tata... and maybe Auntie Tawa, you'll run into the kids at the Strathmore Rodeo or Calaway Park :) I don't know if Gramma will share them for a Starbuck's date. She's got every minute planned!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Have fun in the back country. Glad you have your undies.

Randi said...

Have fun backpacking!