Thursday, July 16, 2009

An Unexpected Friend

We had a great day on Beaver Lake with old friends. It has been absolutely years since our girls have met each other. We adults have seen each other more recently, but the last time the girls met was in 2003. It's really ridiculous, not because we live very close but more because it's really about the only friend I have that has girls the same age as mine!!!

Erin and Sarah, Vonny's youngest, are only 4 months apart and hit it off right away. They decided to take the canoe out. "I think they know what they're doing. They have life jackets on, they'll be fine." There is some adult involvement there...

They head out on the lake

And they're off
"I think that's them in the far distance..."
Jacob and Jessa doing some fishing from shore

"Gee we haven't really seen the other 2 for about an hour and can't locate them from shore, maybe we should go check on them. I think we'll bring our fishing rods just in case."
"Ya it's looking like fishing is more the goal than saving the girls.""Oh good, they did make it back to dry ground eventually and have some sunburns to prove how long they were gone on their adventure. " The boys showed up back about 2 hours later. They really weren't concerned about the girls at all were they?

4 girls hanging out on the dock, it's nice to be with girls for a change!
We brought Sara back home from the cabin they were staying at with the grandparents because they decided it would be fun. I think there are some girls falling asleep in the next room soon.... Funny how it feels so normal to have Vonny's daughter sleeping under my roof even though they really just met today :)


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Hi Vonny. What lake are you guys at? Doesn't look like OK.

Randi said...

Looks like a great time. So neat you got to see Vonny.

I like your new blog background.