Monday, February 15, 2010

Gratitude Monday

I know I missed last week, I was thankful in my mind...really I was...

91. no work booked for 2 weeks, I'm up for a bit of a break, although I haven't been working overly too much lately, it's just a good time for it
92. my 3 Valentines!!!
93. coming out of my Friday night shift at 2315 after dealing with CRAZY people, puking people, drunk, falling down the stairs people with broken faces all night, and finding my car stuffed with so many balloons I couldn't even get in :) There was a safety pin attached to the card for help :) I felt a little silly when I screamed (quietly) in the street popping the first one.
94. waking up Saturday morning to the sounds of clattering in the kitchen and heart shaped pancakes and hot chocolate on the table, Kevin still in bed too :)
95. a great dinner out to eat PUB food last night, mmmm... ribs and chicken wings, fries...still feel OK this morning, thanks gall bladder.... oh right I don't have one of those.. more thankful
96. that Jacob didn't break anything in his collision with Ditto that knocked him flat onto his back. I hate that dog, I'm still mad at him! I'm working on those ungodly emotions
97. for all A's on a report card
98. a Christmas cactus that still blooming and blooming it's little heart out on the window sill
99. a beautiful, sweet, gorgeous daughter that defines a friend as "someone you can talk to". I think that's the best definition ever!
100. boys on the street who beg to shoot hoops on our driveway and aren't sure if they are allowed when we're not home -- they are
101. Olympic spirit and fun sports to watch on TV
102. on sale jeans in size 25"35"
103. 2 web site design jobs for Kevin, and one computer geek support afternoon that was also web design support, maybe he should go into it on the side.
104. piles of laundry to do today... so I can stay home and wait for it and do nothing :) I feel so VERY grateful for hot running water today. It's so easy for us to do these tasks. Kevin's Gramma had to go outside in Saskatchewan winters to pump water from the pump, haul it inside, chop the wood, make a fire, boil the water, to wash diaper for twins and another one in cloth diapers, and then they pee again :) And we call ourselves housewives? What they wouldn't have done for a quick e-mail from a friend to encourage them in their day? Oh the isolation...

Have a good Monday, do a little laundry, be encouraged, send a friend an encouraging e-mail.

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Oh, I like the balloons in the car idea.

Randi said...

Those are great things to be thankful for.