Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Inspired by Randi's amazing homemade new kitchen table and then by spending like an hour on the blog she found it on, I figured it was time to do something around this place. So my vision soon became Kevin's weekend project. I'm glad he's so obliging (it's more a matter of me saying I'm making a bed and Kevin saving me or not trusting me with the power tools, I'm OK with it!). Jacob's room frustrates me to no end. I am so happy that he does keep his Lego mostly inside the door, but it makes it almost always nearly impossible to walk in there. Frequently I remind myself that he needs to be a boy, to create, to be able to leave his creations for the next time (because there always is one with him), to not have my standards applied to his space, to be a little messy because next time I turn around he'll be off to college - where he can pick up his own socks :) But space has always been an issue for him.

So we turned the regular old pine Ikea bed into this with a few modifications and $24 worth of 2x4's.

Jacob chose "Dragon's Fire" orange to go with the "Fresh Lime" of the walls. A nice match if I do say so!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Looks great.

Randi said...

Awesome!!!! And you know I love the color - good choice, Jacob!