Friday, February 26, 2010

How can it be that it seems like just yesterday I finished high school and now my daughter, who was just like this:

the last time I turned around, is choosing her high school courses for the fall? Oh high school... such memories.. the friends and fashions.. the pain.. the awkwardness.. the family upheaval. I've been thinking about it, and how I am so different than I was then, thankfully. How I'd like to go back and apologize to a few people, and then get out of there fast!!

English 10 Honours, Math 10 Honours, Science 10 Honours, Social 10, Foods and Textiles 10, PE 10, Spanish 11, and 2 electives still to choose. Sounds like some good choices she's making. Poor thing is panicked that she has to choose what she wants to be in life this weekend, because it'll decide the path to take. The school has so many excellent choices that are 1st year university or BCIT trade courses that will allow students to be able to skip some courses later on, if you choose post-secondary education. Grade 10 is fairly standard in terms of what you need to graduate. Starting in grade 11, the sciences divide into 5 different areas (marine biology takes a "field trip" to Hawaii), and the math divides again into university or general math. We just encourage her to keep as many options open as possible. Like who wants to take math later on when you're 25?

It's amazing to think this has happened already! I know every parents muses that their little girl is growing up so fast. So cliche, but she- my little one- that is 5'8" now is grown all up!


Sandra said...

Sweet, sweet girl. This post makes my tummy ache. May her beauty and innocence and vibrant creativity just keep right on doing what they're doing. :)

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Erin, I love your pink Wellies. You were stylin' even back then.