Monday, August 30, 2010


We're back from a whirlwind tour of Alberta. We spent 10 days away visiting and visiting and more visiting! We hugged new nephews...

there's something so sweet about your own babies looking so grown up holding babies, I'm sure this is what Gramma's feel all the time, I don't know how they stand it! Isn't this just the sweetest pic of my Jacob? and he's always loved babies. Even Erin, my never to marry, never to have children girl, thinks a baby would be pretty fun right now! Tristan is absolutely perfect!

We had fun with other nephews we don't see often enough!
And played with my 1 and only niece who is growing up so lovely! She is so GOOD at playing, can't you tell? I LOVE this pic of her... always trying to hide from the camera.

We celebrated a zero BIRTH day and a 77, although 69 was more appreciated on the cake.
There were 4 superb babysitters fighting over this 3 1/2 week old while his parents went out for quick anniversary dinner the next night!

... made a much awaited trip to this store, and contemplated for nearly an hour...

It was OFF Kermit's "Awesome meter", which is the way everything is currently being judged. Auntie Tara, and the trip to the Bow River to swim Ditto and Misha also measured in the awesome zone according to JC.

... celebrated turning 3!

... and my sweet friend threw together an impromptu engagement brunch after hearing the news of our other friend getting engaged 2 days before! What a fantastic morning to catch up with old friends! YAY Kim, we're so happy for you! FINALLY (oops did I say that? :)
We got to sneak in some bridesmaid dress shopping when we ran into Kim at the mall, Jacob was NOT thrilled!
I love brunch!

...we packed, carried and unloaded boxes, and moved a lot of furniture helping KD's Mom and Dad move. No photos of that one.
We are so blessed to be filled with so much love from family and friends.


Randi said...

So many questions? Kim who? Are you a bridesmaid? Is that Genevieve and Yetta in the photo? Where are Kevin's parents moving? Looks like a busy but fun trip!

Linda said...

No I'm not a bridesmaid, Marcia is the only one, so we got to all comment on dresses :)