Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Heart Africa

We had some awesome company visiting over the long weekend. My friend, who I worked pediatrics with in Zambia, and her family came to visit. She's from the UK and met her husband in Zambia; he basically came on the flight I left on. They got married and have been living in Ghana for the past 10 years. We were thrilled to have them! We loved hearing their stories of living in mud huts, learning Sisaali, the Harmattan winds, saving 4 months of water to last through the dry season, and the blessings and heart aches of living with the lovely Ghanaian people.
I miss Africa. I always knew I'd left a piece of my heart there and hope that someday I get to return and stay awhile. Jacob and I are dreaming of a visit :) there and maybe to Uganda.

Oh my... can you tell who were 2 peas in a pod? It was remarkable!

And just imagine the fun of having ANOTHER engineer in the house for a few days! Just have to check the water depth here... I could just feel the combined calculatory (is that a word?) brain power. They were so happy for the hot Okanagan sun so they could take off their sweaters and feel a bit more like home. I was so encouraged to see the bigger picture, to not worry about life's details, and not fuss over such small things.
We're really mad together about that Ghana World Cup game now again! Suarez was just NOT fair!


Randi said...

That's great you had the chance to have that visit!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I'm glad the visit was a pick-me-up for you. Fun to see them. Had you ever met her kids before?