Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Heart Starbucks!

.... not only because I love the smell in there. I love the aroma of coffee brewing but I just can't drink the stuff. I tried again this year, it just didn't do it for me. But they do make a mean Earl Grey tea latte. But today I LOVE them because they want to order one of KD's prints! How exciting is that? have your photo purchased by Starbucks and hanging in one of their Portland shops!! That's cool!
Montgomery Park #2 is of a building in downtown Portland somewhere, and the Starbucks is really close by. It's totally not one of either of our favorites, but the reason why he tries to vary what he puts on the website. I totally prefer Montgomery Atrium, but hey, if they love it, then so do I.


Randi said...

That's so exciting!

erin said...

YAY K(raft)D(inner)

Sandra said...

This. Is. SO. Exciting!