Sunday, May 15, 2011

13 Things I Love About Jacob

So my boy turned 13 and we celebrated yesterday, and last night, and this morning.  It was a casual party with just a few friends.  They are becoming such young men, especially the ones whose voices are going down in pitch.  It's so amazing to hear these boys, who I've known for years, changing and becoming deep, and slightly more mature (at times :).

The boys spent quite some time designing their PVC tube marshmallows guns.  Then took off into the orchards with bags of minis for all out marshmallow warfare.  Ditto is still loving the remnants of party fun!!  Also a little airsoft gun action/target practice happened with only one shot at a person before it was hidden by the Dad.

So 13 things I love about my boy:
1. He has always had a soft heart for people, caring and kind and compassionate.  Even though sometimes one has to hide it by a tough guy exterior, it's still in there being nurtured and will always be a big part of who he is and how he treats people.
2. That he always likes a bedtime story and to be tucked in at night, usually we read the Old Testament together and just hang out together.
3. The way he laughs when something is funny, it's all in!
4. His kindness and ability with younger kids, I still think he'll be a teacher or something one day, if he can get over hating English and Social to teach it one day.
5. His love language has always been "physical touch" and though it's changing to more of a wrestling kind of "love" than Mommy hugs, I love the way he'll just fall into a couch, hug the dog, hang on the side of me, make himself present in a room, or a hug with all of himself
6. His mathematical, Lego building mind.  It amazes me what comes out of that head
7. The way he looks up to his sister and his Dad, wanting to be like them, the good parts of them, yet still so much his own man.
8. The way he can spend hours creating, in his own world, so self entertaining and independent, with a train of thought and creations that come out from the bedroom.
9. His determination to improve at something he sets his mind to
10. Dirt, dirt, dirt... enough said.  It's so cute that he's always dirty because it means he's wholeheartedly been into something, but also so annoying all at the same time. He's so secure in who he is and has never cared what people think of him.  So much confidence in a wonderfully, dirty package.
11. His love for sports and athletic ability that he has pursued.
12. His deep love for God and desire to do what is right
13. All the things he is all in one make him a complicated, unique, God fearing son, turning young man that I love so much!

Happy Birthday to my teenager!  It was nice the boys dressed color coordinated with the theme colors for me.


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! Looks like a fun party. Better help that guy in the background of that first photo - maybe he's having a seizure or something?

Linda said...

Ya he's got some serious issues :) What a goof!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Love the first picture.

Happy Birthday, Jacob!