Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And They're Off!!

Who can believe the school year has started again?  2 more years and my girl will be deciding what to do with her life!  And poor Jacob, slogging through the middle of middle school.  Oh, I hated grade 8!  This is the first year in so many that he hasn't been plagued with anxiety about the first day of school, where for days or weeks before, physical symptoms creep up showing how he's really feeling on the inside.  In that way, it's a bit OK with me that he's growing up.  I can't stop it anyways. And plus having teenagers is a hoot!

First day of school photo:  They were a little uncooperative and running late, but still managed to smile.  And who can beat 32 degrees here yesterday?

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Anthony and Olivia said...

Nice to see that your children co-operate with the first day picture as well as mine do :) (well ok, slightly better than mine ) I'll send you an e-mail with our picture.